People have been saying that I need a blog. Not so much saying it to me directly, in more cases than not, but to me as one unknown writer among the many with loftier aims. It seems everyone in the writing industry recommends it – the publishers, the literary agents, the writers themselves, all hammering home the same idea: “Have a blog!”

            So eventually, I get this random thought: Maybe I should have a blog…

            I recall the first time I ever heard the word “blog”. It was at the end of an episode of “Postcards from Buster” (a spin-off of the “Arthur” PBS series, one of the TV shows of my childhood, based off of the children’s books by Marc Brown). The anthropomorphous rabbit star of the cartoon invited the kids watching at home to check out his blog via the station’s website. Since the show’s premise involved Buster flying all around the country with his pilot father, I initially assumed that the word “blog” was meant to be something like “Buster’s Travel Log”, cleverly abbreviated. How my mind works in a nutshell, folks.

            Some five years after the rest of the world, I became aware of the fact that you don’t need to be a globetrotting bunny to have a blog (abbreviated form of “web log”, so you see, I was sorta-kinda-on-the-right-track-ish). That’s a relief; imagine the stress of aspiring to be both that and a reasonably-popular author of YA fantasy. I continued to drag my feet about starting a blog, though, primarily out of fear of my arch nemesis, affectionately called the Technology Fiend. You’ve met him: That glitch that spontaneously pretends not to recognize the password for your email (right when you really, really want-slash-need to check your email), or that freezes your YouTube videos mid-view, and then refuses to acknowledge your efforts to refresh the page (or even to try to restart the whole computer), or that lets everyone in your family create a Facebook account without mishap, but gives you three days’ worth of trouble before finally allowing you to join the fun…. That Technology Fiend. He hates us all, but I truly feel like his perverted favorite. I really didn’t want to have to deal with a blog when there was already a war on just trying to maintain an internet connection.

            But the industry has spoken: Writers with blogs have a better shot. It offers them increased visibility, and a following, and a platform, as well as demonstrating that they’re capable of stringing a few lucid paragraphs together. All good things.

            In the interest of good things, then, here I am, adding “blogger” to a list of appellatives which includes “author”, “artist”, and “minstrel wannabe”. The characterization I intend to milk the most in this forum? Wordsmith.

            Tech Fiends and itinerant hares, watch out.

10 thoughts on ““Blog”

  1. Not only is there a physical resemblance, but the clarity of your thinking and your excellent writing skills and self-awareness remind me so much of your grandmother and my beloved sister Alberta Scott Shipley. May God bless your path ahead, niece.

    Gregoy M. Scott, EdD (Your Great-Uncle).

  2. I find myself just a little envious of all of the words you have ahead of you…not because of your youth, but because you know who you are and where you want to go. I shall cheer you on!

  3. It’s wonderful to find another YA fantasy author! What kind of fantasy do you write?

    I love your blog, and all of its references to some of my favorite things. I shall definitely be back 🙂

    • Fellow fantasist! Thanks for dropping by. 😀 I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying what you’ve seen of the ol’ blog so far.

      I enjoy adopting elements from old familiar fairytales and spinning them into new directions; also, dropping characters from our world into marvelous otherworlds hiding nearer than they’ve ever suspected (or, in the case of “Ballad of Allyn-a-Dale”, actually the reverse!). Basically, if I can make my readers start looking twice at every ordinary thing and calling the winds by name, I’ll feel I have done my job.

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