PerGoSeeMo Psalm 5

Psalm 5. James 2: 14a, 17-18; Galatians 5:17, 19-21a, 22-23a

            She told him everyday she loved him,

As she turned her back;

He said that he delighted in her,

Blank-faced all the while.

Of what use is a claim of love

With demonstration’s lack?

How can one allege to have joy

And never crack a smile?

            Authorial adage we know so well:

Aim more to show and less to tell.

An action’s good as verbal yelling.

What we show is very telling.

            The God nature inside of all

Who offered Temple space

Bids us go against the grain

Of wild, worldly wood.

But if we pay the prompts no heed,

Indifferent to grace

That we by humble faith received,

That faith is little good.

            Let our behavior match our speech;

Do, all, in practice what we preach.

Far more effective than endless preaching,

True application of the teaching.

            You’ve generously kept me from

What others find a snare;

You’ve herded me down easy paths

That some know not to dream.

What excuse, then, have I to shy

From your command to share?

Is it enough to wander wet

And hope they find the stream?

            Ripest display of spiritual growth

Involves showing and telling both.

Let my words tell what I pray I’m showing;

Give me strength to keep on growing.

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