PerGoSeeMo Psalm 6

Psalm 6. Exodus 3:13-15; American Heritage College Dictionary, 4th Ed.

            To exist in actuality;

To have life, and have reality;

You are, therefore you are.

            To occupy all places at all times,

No need to specify;

Both far and near, both there and here,

Out- and inside of me:

You are maker of all, and are in all you have made.

            To eternally remain

In your indisruptable state:

You, who will be what you’ll always be.

            To take place: You, the great event

Upon which history is hinged.

            You came to go, and you alone

Know when you’ll come again.

            None equal your identity,

Or balance your significance;

            No class can hold your quality,

Aspects beyond equality.

            To seem to consist or be made of:

You are all power, holiness, love.

            Your spirit fallen down to me,

Ours is a mutual belonging.

I am yours.

You are who you are:

Bearer of the greatest name to ever be.

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