PerGoSeeMo Psalm 15

Psalm 15. Psalms 34:1-9; Matthew 6:33

            Oh, that I’d sing like this now and always! –

My spirit shouting praises though my smiling mouth is still;

That I’d hold onto this high in the low times.

Help me to remember; I pray I ever will.

            You gave me heart when I raised my weary eyes

From the dale of discouragement and far beyond the hills;

When I determined to tell of your greatness,

Exalting your name as I pray I ever will.

            I cried in my suffering – knowing well you heard me –

Straining for an answer I may now begin to hear:

Not a “yes”, less a “no”, more a “wait until you seek me;

Trust me in the dark that I may teach you not to fear.”

            You gave me words far too long lying dormant,

Silent inside where none – not even I – could hear.

You pulled the rocks from the dam that blocked a river

Of love due you whether I’m glum or of good cheer.

            Oh, that I could hug you even tighter than you hold me,

The squeeze bringing release from this joyous overspill!

That I could look you in the eye and whisper, “Thank you,”

Showing gratitude as I pray I ever will.

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