PerGoSeeMo Psalm 22

Psalm 22. Isaiah 7:9b; 8:11-13, 16, 19-20

            Lord, I must apologize –

Confess a silent sin:

For I once knew but couldn’t quite believe

That you could use old truths to speak anew to me;

That prophesies given to long-ago others,

Words of the future for those in the past,

Could be your whisper in the present

To, not “someone”, but this one.

            But now my eyes are opened,

My ears cocked toward you,

My heart softened.

You have spoken to me on your terms,

And it is strong enough.

            It is time to change my thinking –

Lose the panic and the worry,

Stop fretting about what goes on

Behind the doors you’ll open when I’m ready.

            You’ve given me your testimony and presented evidence –

Talent, skill, and passion, hand-in-hand as your Exhibit A.

In my own power, not enough;

With yours, your will’s the limit.

Still further proofs you’ve tossed out, rapid-fire,

That there’d be no mistake on my part;

Stick with me, kid, and you’ll go places.

            Take my hopes and faith, and I’ll ride shotgun.

Be the driving force behind my every turn.

I’ll count on you to guard me

From the potholes and the drunken maniacs.

If the signs and GPS don’t match,

I’ll go with God, Protector, Savior.

            You’ve earned the personal trust of one

Who knew to trust you anyway,

But lacked a bridge between the head and heart.

            Yes, I owe you an apology.

And I owe you another “thank you”.

I owe you a lot of things.

Thank God free gifts do not demand repayment.

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