PerGoSeeMo Psalm 23

Psalm 23. Isaiah 40:8; Habakkuk 1:5

            Hey – can we talk?

Can we cuddle?

Okay. Here’s what’s up:

            It’s been one of Those Days;

The ones where the future feels overwhelming,

And I feel sort of left out of life.

            Nothing really happened…

On Those Days, it feels like nothing ever will.

And I feel lost, locked out, and lonely.

            I feel, I feel, I feel… not like I feel I ought to feel,

Given… everything.

            You stroke my head and ask, “Do you remember yesterday?

You saw no need to fear the future, then.

Remember not so long ago,

When your heart filled with joy to overflowing into song?

            Remember how you got there;

How you got here.

Was it not in spite of feelings?

            It was walking blind in darkness toward my voice.”

And finding it.

“What is it you always tell yourself?”

Feelings are deceptive.

“Do you put your faith in feelings, or in me?”

You know the answer; are the answer.

Hold me tighter, please.

            “Feelings come, and feelings go.”

The grass withers, the flower fades.

“Truth remains ever true.”

            I know. I believe you.

I just wish that I could see.

“So you think.”

So I feel.

Guess we know what that’s worth, then.

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