PerGoSeeMo Psalm 24

Psalm 24. Matthew 14:24-32; PerGoSeeMo Psalms 15 and 23

            It was a dark and stormy night

And long, or so it seems.

I struggled ‘gainst the wind that howled

Loud as my inner screams.

            The gale threatened to lay me low,

The waves to knock me down.

Saline wetness before my eyes,

Enough in which to drown.

            Then, in the frightful tempest’s midst,

I faintly heard your voice.

Faced with the squall and your steady call,

I made my daring choice.

            Leaving the boat I knew behind,

On you I trained my stare

And, almost before I knew it,

Found myself walking on air.

            Laughing and flushed with triumph,

Dancing on glorious new ground,

My spirit leapt to fly sky-high!

…And then I looked around.

            The storm was bad as I remembered,

And I was just as small.

Panicked by the sight, I felt

Myself begin to fall.

            I cried to you; you came to me

And held me close to you –

Holding behind your smile, no doubt,

Some thought like, “Déjà vu.”

            Go on, then – call me “Peter”,

While I label you my rock.

Eyes back on you ‘til we get through.

In time, this storm will stop.

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