PerGoSeeMo Psalm 29

Psalm 29. Psalms 66:16-20

            On just another evening,

A night of little note,

Went about my weary business,

Same as always, done by rote;

            Looking with lack of interest

At the words you’d use to speak –

To plant the seed that grew a wonder

In one autumn month of weeks.

            And what if I had not listened?

What if I had not heeded?

If I had ignored your urging

To do just the thing I needed?

            What if I’d disregarded

What I thought I felt I knew?

Where would I be now if I had failed then

To listen to you?

            Starting with trepidation,

Rather dubious and shy;

Questioning deep inside me

Why I even meant to try;

            Fearing to feel a failure

If things didn’t go as planned;

Ready to blame imagination

For that tiny thought’s command.

            And what if I had not listened?

Refused to step out blindly?

Marked as a sad mind’s cruelty

The test you gave me kindly?

            What if I turned my back

On what I felt too small to be?

Where would I be now if I had failed then

To trust you with me?

            Flipping through tens of pages,

I retrace our journey’s course,

Marveling at the music

Of the words, and at their source;

            Eyeing the blank before me –

All those spaces yet to fill;

Knowing not what we two will pen there,

But my heart’s ear toward you still.

            For what if I had not listened?

Had not the nerve to follow?

Gone on without acknowledging

My spirit’s needless hollow?

            What if I’d reached this moment

Missing what I might have had?

I don’t know what then, but I’m here right now.

And for that, I’m glad.

3 thoughts on “PerGoSeeMo Psalm 29

    • Lol, no, this would be considered apocryphal at most. (: The Bible’s got some good ones, to be sure, but there’s always room for a modern-day psalmist to pen praises of their own, as the Spirit leads.
      I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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