Well, we’ve had our fun with reminiscence. Time, now, to turn our collective gaze “in a direction or toward a position that is ahead in space or time”.

            What’s in store for Deshipley in 2012?! …As far as life in general, I have no idea. Certainly, I have my hopes. More publications would be great – in magazines, anthologies, and of course, for my novels. I’ll probably get back to querying literary agents soon, so your prayers, well wishes, and/or hookups would be much appreciated.

          While I’m dreaming, I would also like a husband. Bums and creepers need not apply. And heck, I’ll take a cross-dimensional rift to Wilderhark, if there’s one to be had!

            Back in the realm over which I have a reasonable amount of control, what will the upcoming year mean for my blog baby, Ever On Word? Well, I’ve got some ideas…


            Talkin’ about “pictures, charts, or other presentations that appeal to the sense of sight”. Obviously, words will continue to take priority, here, same as they’ve always done. But this writer’s a visual girl, too! I enjoy the creation, or simply the viewing, of visual art. One is never too old for illustrations to go with their text! So from here on in, I’ll be keeping an eye out for apropos images to accompany my blog pieces. No promises that every single piece will have visuals, but you’ll definitely being seeing more of them around here.


            As I’ve mentioned in the past, titles don’t tend to come easily to me. I’ve hitherto kept the pressure down, around here, by limiting my blog titles to single words (barring the rare exception, like say, “Sequel 2”), and that’s been all very fine and dandy. But now that I’ve had a few months to warm up, I plan to take things a step further with a new titular formula: “Word” or “A secondary, usually explanatory title, as of a literary work”. This may ratchet up the challenge factor just a bit, but I think I’m up for it. (Or if I’m not, I’ll just leave Bruno in charge of the subtitles. That chapter title, as featured in “Title”, about the attacks of bloated frogs? That was all him. The character’s got skillz.)


            I am as yet undecided as to whether I shall “make a revision in the appearance of” this blog. To date, these lovely gradating blues and grays have been brought to you by the “Ocadia” theme. I have no quarrel with it; it was precisely what I was looking for, a third-of-a-year ago. However, I am fond of visual variety; the reason I invest in calendars over posters is that it ensures a monthly rotation of art upon my bedroom walls. If I found another theme as utterly me as is the one now in use, I could easily be persuaded to toss the old and embrace the new.

            But I desire to be sensitive to the preferences of my readership. Were I in your place, I might be dismayed at coming back to that lord among blogs I’ve been following (and oh, what bliss it’s been), only to discover that it looked all disquietingly different. So do please weigh in, readers! If the prospect of my switching themes on you makes your tummy hurt, I want to know about it! And if you’ve been thinking for months, “Minced biscuits, will this woman never lose the blankety-blank ‘Ocadia’?!”… wow, okay, you could have said something before now… You mad, bro? ( <– This link is a must-click. Best indie music video ever!)


            I may not go out knocking on people’s blogs and ask them to post pieces lovingly crafted by yours truly, but I am ever open to having such invitations extended to me. (I had a great time talking about character Q and A’s over at Andrea S. Michaels’ blog, back in November.) What’s more, it could be fun to be on the other side of things and play host to “one who is a recipient of hospitality at the home or table of another” of my own. So if anyone out there is interested in soliciting my words, or would like to organize a post swap, you’re always welcome to offer!


            That’s an acronym, folks, standing in for the phrase, “Hey, You Should Read This!” With a frequency yet to be determined – weekly or semimonthly, most likely – I would like to take the time to briefly direct everyone’s attention to some blog post I’ve found somewhere and deemed worthy of sharing. Why? Because I, for one, really love it when random people read, like, and/or share my writings, and I’m willing to bet that I’m not alone in this. (For the proof in the pudding – or rather, the blog post – read here.) But Blog Land is a very big place, and even this whole “Freshly Pressed” deal that WordPress has generously got going can only lift so many people out of obscurity. So I figure, why not jump in there and up somebody’s odds by linking them to my readers? Do unto others! Love thy fellow bloggers as thyself! You’re welcome in advance, countless happy strangers!

            And those, ladies and gentlemen, are my blog-related resolutions of sorts for the new year. Here’s to making Ever On Word, as we all move ever onward, an even more awesome place to hang in 2012 and beyond!

            Microphone on you, now: What sorts of plans have you got lined up for the year to come?

11 thoughts on ““Onward”

  1. That was a great read D. And quite inspiring. I just completed a post on the same subject i.e. what I plan to do with the new year. Check it out. When it comes to titles I love them. I like my titles to almost make little sense, or be a play on words, or ambiguious in nature. I get a lot of my title inspiration from titles to songs or albums. Most from experimental artists who work in the abstract and are looking for the in-between sensibility. Don’t know if that made any sense, but I am trying.

    • Glad you found it so. (:

      I’ll probably come to enjoy titling more as I force myself to get more practice with it, thereby (I hope) gradually making the process easier. Such is often the way of things.

      Read your “Looking Forward” thoughts. Best of luck with your on-line store and art book — and, of course, your 2012 in general!

  2. Hey there 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that you were one of my top commenters this year. Thank you so much for reading my blog. I really appreciate your input and comments. Also, I would love to have you write a guest post on my blog sometime about the writing process or words. Email me at arielkprice@gmail.com if you want to work something out. Happy New Year and God bless!

    • Hey, yourself, and you’re quite welcome! It’s been my pleasure reading up, chiming in, and otherwise being along for your ride, and guest blogging for you would be no lesser delight. I hope to have my personal writing schedule cleared a bit by early February; I’ll be sure to follow up on the offer then, and we’ll work out something fun. (:
      Happiest of New Years, Ariel!

  3. Redesign – that’s the most annoying thing to me. I always pick a theme I like – and then a couple months later, I’m sick of it and looking for something else. There are so many good options out there though…

    • True, dauntingly true. If/when I change up the design, it will likely be after a lovely long search amongst the theme offerings, dithering twixt Awesome Possibilities A, B, and C. Hmm, maybe I’ll give all three hypothetical contenders a chance and let the readership vote. Hello-o-o, blog post series…
      Congratulations, Sujal: You have been my muse!

  4. I’ve had thematic/format/appearance revisions on the plate at my blog for ages… but I just haven’t had the free time to fiddle with it.

    I even reserved myself a “private” blog address on WordPress that I can use as a sandbox to test out the appearance of different themes and options. (I imported most of the content of my current blog so I could see how it looks with my actual content instead of just how it looks with a default WordPress “Hello World” post.) Every once in a while I log onto my private sandbox and fiddle with settings.

    But the real thing that I need to do to improve the appearance of my blog is offload the long list of links from my sidebar to a separate “links” page… and that’s proved to be time-consuming and boring.

    • Hmm, a private testing blog… That’s a rather smart idea, actually! (Not that I’m shocked. It came from you.) I shall consider that, if/when I ever get around to looking for a new theme. Time priorties dictate that it probably won’t happen for another few weeks, at least.

      Link relocation can indeed be a dull business; I get a bit tired of it just including the occasional couple links and a picture in a blog post. Kinda makes me wish that kind of task was a paying position. That way, either I’d be getting money for it, or I wouldn’t have to do it for it to get done. Win-win.

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