“HYSRT!” or “Passion for the Rest of Us”

That’s right, Ever On Worders! …Wordians. …Wordlings. …You don’t really care, do you? Let’s revisit the point.

            Defining “HYSRT”, as set forth in a previous post o’ mine: “That’s an acronym, folks, standing in for the phrase, ‘Hey, You Should Read This!’ With a frequency yet to be determined – [I’ve settled on every time my scheduled post day falls on a Saturday] – I would like to take the time to briefly direct everyone’s attention to some blog post I’ve found somewhere and deemed worthy of sharing.”

            So, taking it back to the top: That’s right, Ever On Word-[cough, cough] – the first of HYSRT is here!

            You may have read my thoughts on passion, back in October. Now here’s another, lighter take on the subject, entitled “Finding my Passion”, as originally blogged by “justmakethecoffee”. I hope you find it beneficial. …Or, barring that, quite the chuckle. (:

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