“Makeover” or “Brand New Look, Same Great Taste!”

Well, I’ve done it: Made good on my quasi-resolution to modify the look of Ever On Word!

            As suggested by one of my blog-fellows, Stephen A. Watkins (or perhaps it wasn’t meant as a suggestion per se, but he mentioned that he did this, and I thought it was a smart idea), I created a separate blog as a testing site (set to “private”, so hopefully no one wasted their time trying to check out the handful of test posts thereon) and fiddled with the appearance in preparation to take the changes here. Whereas my old theme went by the name “Ocadia”, this new model upon which I’ve ultimately settled is called “Connections”.

What I like about the post-“overall treatment to improve the appearance or change the image” look:

            The light color scheme. There are several perfectly nice themes of darker or bolder tone available, but for my own personal blog, I prefer the uplifting properties of these pastel greens and, I dunno, off-cream. Simple, but not too blank.

            The header. The image of floating leaves atop the page is custom-selected (oh, yes – “Connections” allows for such), cropped from a photo I took on my family’s trip to Everglades National Park, a few summers ago. (An enjoyable day, that. Perchance some day I’ll share the poem the Everglades inspired.) Customization is fun, and that photo’s long been a favorite of mine, so it’s great that it gets to be a part of my blogging space.

            That little double-swoosh at the end of every post. See it there? Like an elegant green tilde? Little things like that make me happy.

            The layout didn’t change too much. Good. Once I come up with a place for everything, I like everything to be in its place. And now you guys don’t have to search for anything here any harder than you ever did. Huzzah for a lack of inconvenience!

What I miss about the old, Ocadian look:

            Not a lot, actually! I loved the old blue and gray (my favorite colors, reminding me of sky and minstrels and an old favorite character who also lived and died by blue and gray), but I like this new look so much, I find that it’s all I want. Well, so much the better for me; I had been braced for a few wistful looks back at the appearance of the past, but now I can look and live happily ever onward. (:

            What about you, cherished readers? Think you’ll be able to survive what I’ve done with the place?

10 thoughts on ““Makeover” or “Brand New Look, Same Great Taste!”

  1. I like the new look here. I never change the look of my main blog (well, I did once when the theme wasn’t updated, but then they updated the theme and I jumped back), but I just set up a new blog for my new story, and so I’m fiddling with the look of that one. It’s fun to see how your blog will look with different themes (mostly they make me go “Ewww!” until I get to the one that clicks).

    • Thanks! I know what you mean; I had several “Ewww!” moments, myself (or at least *dubious mumbling* moments) until I hit the jackpot. I’m grateful for the wide variety of themes available to choose from, so I didn’t feel like I had to settle — I could wait for that one that said “I’m for you”.
      (There’s probably some huge life metaphor in there, somewhere.)

  2. This is my first visit, but you’ve got me thinking about a new look for my blog. I followed you over from Tiyana’s blog. I’ll be checking back. Nice look. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by. ^-^
      Concerning a new look for your blog, if you’re up for it, go for it! Best of luck finding The ONE.
      Hope to see you around here again, some time, and/or over at Seven & a Half First Drafts. (:

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