“Omnibus” or “How You Can Totally Win One”

Image of this “long motor vehicle for passengers” ridden by Rosa Parks brought to you by www.preservationnation.org.

The picture above provides an example of one kind of omnibus, but that’s not what we’re talking about, today.

            Remember my most recent “HYSRT!” post? Remember that drool-worthy book cover featuring the fellow crouched mischievously atop a gargoyle? (Allow me to refresh your memory.)

          That’s not just any cover, folks: That’s the cover for a brand new “printed anthology of the works of one author or of writings on related subjects” – the author being Rachel Aaron, her works being the first three adventures of “The Legend of Eli Monpress”, all combined inside of that cover that I’m still obsessing about.

            Says proud authorial mother Rachel Aaron in the latest Pretentious Title blog post, “It’s got three books in it, so it’s HUGE! Also, the finish is smoooooth, but the book isn’t too heavy, and it smells nice. In short, a very pleasant thing to hold in your hands.”

            And I want it in my hands. It shall be so! It might even be free. Because guess what, folks? Rachel’s holding a giveaway! Go, go, go over to her blog for details! Give yourselves multiple chances to win the gorgeous, exiting, fantastic omnibus! Invest in your happy reading future today! And if you don’t win, feel free to just buy the book anyway; you know that’s my plan.

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