“Hundred” or “A Centi-Celebration”

We’ve reached a marvelous milestone, readers: Today’s is Ever On Word’s 100th blog post!

            I briefly considered marking the occasion by following that opening announcement with one “cardinal number equal to 10 × 10 or 10 [to the second power]” exclamation points, but ultimately decided that might come over as a little excessive to the eye. Going in a slightly different centi-centric direction, then, I’ve compiled a fun list of statistics pertaining to all of my posts up to this point. And because there have been one hundred posts, it’ll be a breeze to convert the data into percentages!

            Since the dawn of Ever On Word’s posts…

4% were dedicated to the ceremonial acceptance of blog awards – one Liebster, one Sunshine, and a staggering three Versatile Bloggers. Still an honor, even in hindsight.

23% have included the word “minstrel”.

            “What, only that?” says Gant-o’-the-Lute. “You could do better.”

            Considering how few of my posts actually have much to do with minstrels? I’m doing all right.

3% redirect to guest posts kindly hosted on blogs belonging to Andrea S. Michaels, Emerald Barnes, and Ariel K. Price. Thanks again for the invitations, ladies! (And I’m still available to write for those who desire it, folks, so feel free to ask if ever the fancy strikes.)

34% feature original poetry (the lion’s share of that being my PerGoSeeMo Psalms, and 3% contain original fiction.

3% were centered around happy publication news. (Today short story acceptances, tomorrow a “yes” to a novel – or such do I continue to hope!)

20% went up above and beyond my official blogging schedule, due to various timing whims o’ mine.

            I’d list the 10% of posts that have gotten the most views, but I don’t know of any quick way to access that data, so how ‘bout I just come up with 10 of my personal favorites (in alphabetical order):




Modify” or “When Word(smith)s Fail

PerGoSeeMo Psalm 29


Sequel 2




            And all together, that comes to – (wait for it…) – 100%! (Because the data was selectively chosen, like that.) Big thanks to those of you who’ve been around since post one, to everyone to jumped onboard along the way, and to anyone who woke up bound, gagged and groggily reading this piece in an abandoned cabin somewhere (you know who you are). Here’s to the next hundred posts!

            Join the celebration! What are your fondest memories made here at Ever On Word so far? (:

5 thoughts on ““Hundred” or “A Centi-Celebration”

    • Forget earth, air, water, and fire — mine is the element of surprise!
      Ooh, that makes me a *surprise elemental*! Goodbye at last, dull full humanity! This must be my luckiest of leap days.
      Thanks for the love, Tamara. (:

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