“Serial” or “Hogglepot”

For once, my “Title” or “Alternate/Subtitle” words have nothing whatever to do with each other. …Unless you count the fact that both involve stories I’ve written, in which case, yay! Relatedness!

This is the Hogglepot Pig. He (um...she?) liked my story.

Working our way back to front, let’s start with “Hogglepot”. What in the world does that word mean? Your guess as to a definition is as good as mine, but I can tell you this: It is the name of an online sci-fi/fantasy magazine which publishes a new short story every couple of weeks. And y’know which story they’re featuring today through the 12th of May? “Shadow Lights” by Danielle E. Shipley – a mythology-inspired tale of great power bringing with it great responsibility and a choice that no little boy should ever have to face. I strongly encourage you to check it out. (:

We interrupt this blog post for a quick bit of other publication news: The folks at “A Cuppa and an Armchair” have a new collection of short stories for children on the way. Like its grownup counterpart, “Cookies and Milk” is a charity project with all proceeds to go to Equipe. It’s to be released in three volumes, with the current launch dates as follows:

Volume 1 – online launch May 18
Volume 2 – online launch May 25 (this is the one that will have my illustrations in it!)
Volume 3 – online launch June 1 (and this one has a short story of mine!)

I’ll keep you posted as the dates draw nearer.

We now to return to “Serial” or “Hogglepot”.

As for the word “serial”, my dictionary’s perfectly familiar with that one: “A literary or dramatic work published or produced in installments.” I’ve been following the ongoing adventures of Witt Kepler, Private Eye, over at D.J. Lutz’s Almost Out of Ink blog, as well as the mysterious links of “The Chain” in Ben Chiles’ Story Multiverse realm. And I figured, hey, I’m as cool as them, right? Sorta, kinda, almost? I can totally share one of my stories over multiple posts, too!

So, coming soon to Ever On Word: A goofy, spoofy fairytale I wrote some years ago (and, I assure you, buffed up a wee bit in prep for an actual audience), inspired by an improv game my sister and I once played (or would she not want any affiliation with this?…). Keep your eyes open for the next post, and more or less every second post thereafter, for my 8-part prose-a-palooza, “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”!

4 thoughts on ““Serial” or “Hogglepot”

  1. Loving the story. Very unique, very imaginative, and well crafted 🙂 Well done this strange woman Danielle E. Shipley that you credit the story to! Looking forward to your serialisation 😀

    • “Unique”, “imaginative”, and “well-crafted” — these are a few of my favorite things. ^.^ My thanks to you! I’ll pass on the kind words to Danielle E. Shipley (whom I generally allow to take the credit for my work; I dunno, I like the gal, and it means so much to her to feel like she’s got talent, y’know? I know, I’m a softie).

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