“Launch” or “Not to Be Confused with ‘Lunch’”

…Because cookies and milk, though a tasty snack, is hardly a proper meal.

Yes, I am making perfect sense. Keep reading, you’ll see:

Dear Readers by Habit or Chance,

This is a request formally welcoming and encouraging your presence or participation in the following event:

The “Cookies & Milk: Volume 1” Book Launch!

When: Friday, May 18th, 2012; 1pm – 9pm (Central Time)

Where: A Cuppa and an Armchair’s Facebook page

In their ongoing bid to raise much-needed funds for the charity Equipe, the good folks at the “A Cuppa and an Armchair” project will be “introducing to the public or to a market” the first volume of their collection of stories for youngsters, “Cookies & Milk”, on Friday (tomorrow! Unless you’re reading this on Friday, in which case, today!).

As with the launch for their first anthology back in December, you’re invited to visit the Cuppa/Armchair” Facebook page on Friday (tomorrow, today… hopefully not yesterday, because that’s a tad too late) anytime from1-9pm (don’t forget, that’s Central Time, as used by me here in the American Midwest; check your local time zone) to speak to the contributors and the charity. I’ll be stopping in there to mingle throughout the day, and it would make me feel quite special were you to drop by and say hello!

Spread the word! Tell your friends! I hope to see you there!


(You don’t actually have to reply, but you know a blog loves comments.)

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