“HYSRT!” or “Of Thieves of Fish, Et Cetera”

Sometimes you read something that just gives you pleasure. You can’t always say just which chord was struck and why (or maybe you’re having a good wordsmith day and can say it with the eloquent beauty of minstrel song), but there it is: You read it, and you relished it, and you want somebody, somewhere, to know about it.

I feel that way a lot when submerged in the words of Louise Jaques. My friend’s lyrical lines of poetry/poetic prose are most often to be found at her blog, but the piece I’m featuring today was a guest post on the blog of another (Stef, by name), “Dodging Commas”. (Double sharing points! Gotta love the blogosphere.)

The feature, “Swimming in a Language Sea”, speaks of that readers’ pleasure with which I opened this post, and of the writers’ high that such pleasure so often inspires. So if you are, like me, a lover of language and ravenous reader – and perchance a writer, to boot – then Hey: You Should Read This.

“Swimming in a Sea of Words” by Rachel Ashe, as seen here: http://rachaelashe.com/2009/12/22/altered-book-swimming-in-a-sea-of-words/

3 thoughts on ““HYSRT!” or “Of Thieves of Fish, Et Cetera”

  1. Oh my dear, you sweet thing! I never receieved a notification for this, so forgive my tardiness in giving you my thanks! I’m pleased as punch that you enjoyed this. You added a beautiful image as well – wish I had gotten to that first! 😉

    • You are both forgiven and welcome, m’lovely. (:
      I was glad to happen upon the image, as well. Sometimes, Google search + persistence = beautifully appropriate pictures!

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