“Launch 2” or “We’ve Had One, Yes; But What About *Second* Launch?”

Yeah, that’s probably the look Aragorn’s giving me, too.

…Because I couldn’t resist a “Fellowship of the Ring” quote spoof.

All kidding aside, though:

Dear Readers by Habit or Chance,

This is a request formally welcoming and encouraging your presence or participation in the following event:

The “Cookies & Milk: Volume 2” Book Launch!

When: Today! Friday, May 25th, 2012; 1pm – 9pm (Central Time)

Where: The “Cookies/Milk, vol. 2” Event Page on Facebook

In their ongoing bid to raise much-needed funds for the charity Equipe, the good folks at the “A Cuppa and an Armchair” project is “introducing to the public or to a market” the second volume of their collection of stories for youngsters, “Cookies & Milk”, TODAY! That’s right, it’s happening very soon (or right now, depending on when you’re reading this)! And hey, hey, guess what? This volume contains the story with my illustrations in it! Oooh, I’m so excited!

As with last week’s launch for Volume 1, you’re invited to visit the Cookies/Milk” launch page anytime from 1-9pm (don’t forget, that’s Central Time; check your local time zone) to speak to the contributors and, perchance, to win a free e-book copy of Volume 2 in periodic photo caption competitions. (Ooh, ah!) And just to give a taste of why you really ought to be there, here’s my review of the book that launched last week:

** Like its parent book project, “A Cuppa and an Armchair”, the first volume of “Cookies and Milk” – a lovingly put together pair of children’s tales – is a collaborative work joining authors, illustrators, and the charity Equipe in a twofold mission: To relieve the suffering and poverty-stricken around the world, and to share engaging stories with readers everywhere.

The warmhearted text of Eric White’s “I Love You Each, All, and Every Way!” finds perfect visual accompaniment with Cara Branigan’s sweet and playful illustrations; the story is sure to bring smiles to the faces of youngsters and their narrating parental figures, as it did to mine.

Lynette Davies’ “The Not So Helpful Butterflies” has both a valuable lesson on cooperation among friends and a very special illustrative team in some lucky 5- and 6-year-olds from the Year 1 class of Middlefield Community Primary School.

The cause is a great one, the price is right, and the potential for joy-filled storytime is unlimited. So for those who have little ones they love each, all, and every way, be a helpful butterfly and sit them down with Cookies and Milk, Volume 1! **

Enticed yet? Well, what if I told you that, not only will I be attending today’s launch party, I’ll be hosting? Yes, you read that right. Surely wild horses can’t keep you away, now! Please do drop by and say hello; it will make me feel very special. (:

Spread the word! Tell your friends! Bring some hobbits! I hope to see you there!


(You don’t actually have to reply, but you know a blog loves comments.)

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