“Thresholder” or “Stuff to Tell You Before I Forget”

“And just what,” you may wonder, “is a thresholder?” Well, what if I told you this:

That thought you forgot may not be merely lost. In your very home’s thresholds lurk unseen creatures, thieves who swipe thoughts for sale in a paranormal exchange. Your missing thought evolves from station to station, the ride turning even the most mundane into magic. Where did you think artists’ muses got their ideas, anyway?

A new Danielle E. Shipley short story, “Train of Thought”, coming soon to an issue of Luna Station Quarterly near you. Stay tuned!

And speaking of Danielle E. Shipley short stories, next up in the launch queue is Volume 3 of “Cookies & Milk – the kids’ version of the charity anthology, “A Cuppa and an Armchair” – which includes my original adaptation of a certain tale as old as time.

As with the recent launch parties for Volumes 1 and 2, you’re invited to visit the book’s launch page on Facebook anytime today from 1-9pm (that’s Central Time, folks; check your local time zone) to speak to the contributors and, perchance, to win a free e-book copy of Volume 3 in periodic photo caption competitions. (Ooh, ah!) And just to give a taste of why you really ought to be there, here’s my review of the book that launched last week (currently available on Smashwords, by the by):

** Like the first volume in its series of three, and its parent book project (“A Cuppa and an Armchair”), “Cookies and Milk, Volume 2” – a lovingly put together pair of children’s tales – is a collaborative work joining authors, illustrators, and the charity Equipe in a twofold mission: To relieve the suffering and poverty-stricken around the world, and to share engaging stories with readers everywhere.

A dream birthday present grows into a big surprise for Louan and her friend Jacob in “Fluffy” by Christine Cunningham (author of Amazon bestseller “Eternal Beginning”). The flight of fancy’s colorful characters are brightly visualized by young-adult fantasy author Danielle Shipley’s illustration debut.

With the breathless excitement of a campfire tale and a hint of rhyme woven in to tickle the ear, Andrew Robson writes of Sipho and Johnny, two little boys who brave a storm to find a missing girl before anyone (or anything) else can find her first. The life and movement of “Looking for Little Nandi”s words are well matched by the multimedia drawings of Eric White (author of “I Love You Each, All, and Every Way!” in “Cookies and Milk, Volume 1”).

The cause is a great one, the price is right, and the potential for joy-filled storytime is unlimited. So for those who have brave little dreamers in their lives, cuddle up with them and “Cookies and Milk, Volume 2”! **

You totally want to come now, don’t you? Well, I’ll be there for the first couple hours, and I’d be too, too glad were you to drop in and say hello!

(Best do it while the thought’s fresh, readers; you never know when a thresholder might slip it from your mind…)

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