“HYSRT!” or “I Feel Like Giving Some Free Books Away”

Why? Because I have a couple of free e-books to give!

You know those “Cookies and Milk” launch parties I was going on about around here, lately? (Here, here, and here, for any memories in need of refreshment.) Whilst in attendance, I won a free copy each of “Cookies and Milk”-s Volumes 2 and 3! Thing is, I had already bought my own copies of the e-books, and I really have no need to amass a collection of the same titles. Hence my brainwave: Give ‘em away!

And now for a look at our prizes…!

So, you want to win an e-book, absolutely free?

That’d be awesome!” you say. “But I don’t have an e-reader. :(”

Neither do I. And that’s okay. I downloaded my copies as PDFs, and can read them just fine on my laptop. File format options abound.

Super!” you say. “But… wait, what are these books even about?

Reviews for Volume 2 can be found here; and below is my review of Volume 3:

** Like the first two volumes in its series of three, and its parent book project (“A Cuppa and an Armchair”), “Cookies and Milk, Volume 3” – a lovingly put together trio of stories for young readers, and particularly young adults – is a collaborative work joining authors, illustrators, and the charity Equipe in a twofold mission: To relieve the suffering and poverty-stricken around the world, and to share engaging stories with readers everywhere.

Them Gates of Hades” by Melanie Kerr tells of a young girl’s first day of school at the end of South African apartheid. Simon O’Rouke’s illustration echoes the story beautifully: Both of them simple and powerful, a song of black and white.

Skyler Luttrell’s “It’s OK to Let Go” (illustration provided by Danielle Zwissler) shares the moving journey of Gracie, a girl struggling to be strong – for both herself and her mother – while her body battles leukemia. This glimpse of the physical and emotional pain she experiences is sad but relatable; and on a personal note, I really liked the character of Dr. Wick.

Danielle Shipley’s literary contribution (illustration by Sarah Marsh) casts the idea of a “fairytale romance” in a new light. A “Tale as Old as Time” it may well be, but you’ll find this account of the beast-prince and his beauty notably different from the story you know.

The cause is a great one, the price is right, and while this third volume of “Cookies and Milk” has a more grown-up flavor than volumes one and two, I trust you’ll find it to be in just as good taste. **

Alright, then!” you say. “How can I win one of these?


A comment on this blog post telling me which book you’d like (2, 3, or “surprise me”) = 1 chance to win.

A comment plus a “like” for my Ballad of Allyn-a-Dale” Facebook page = 2 chances to win.

A comment, plus a “Ballad” like, plus signing up to follow the Ever On Word blog = 3 chances to win.

And if you reblog or pingback to this post, then you get 4 chances to win for being a word-spreading rock star.

Last day to enter is Thursday, June 14, because on the 15th I’m putting all the names in a hat to find out who wins the goodies. Best of luck to all entrants, and here’s hoping that my little giveaway will bring more attention to Equipe and more aid to those who dearly need it. For that reason alone – (never mind the fact that Volumes 2 and 3 contain my illustrations and short story, respectively) – hey, you should read these books. So let’s see some action in the comments, folks!

P.S. – All three “Cookies and Milk” volumes are now available for purchase in paperback as well, for those of you with diehard love for physical books. (:

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