“Winner!” or “Of Cookies, Milk, and Thresholder Imps”

Well, it’s crystal clear what’s happened here: All those folks who were totally planning to enter my e-book giveaway just as soon as they took care of a quick little thing in the next room had the notion snatched right out of their heads by their resident thresholder imps. Somewhere, out there, a muse is inspiring an artist to do a piece prompted by the phrase “cookies and milk”. And meanwhile, the would-be entrants’ loss is one winner’s gain.


Congratulations to Ben of the Story Multiverse blog, “one that wins, especially a victor in sports or a notably successful person” of “Cookies and Milk, Volume 2” AND “Cookies and Milk, Volume 3”! Enjoy your prizes, good sir!

And for anyone feeling bummed because they missed out on getting these e-books free, there is yet good news: You can always purchase the books at give-or-take two bucks each – and even pick up “Volume 1”, while you’re at it! All three volumes are now available in paperback, too. Remember, all the proceeds go to the charity Equipe.

Thanks for your participation, readers. Now get back to your Friday. (:

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