“Emeraude” or “The Life and Times of My Elizabethan Alter-Ego”

It’s a big year for the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin. For one thing, this summer marks the 25th anniversary of the show. (Can I get a “huzzah”?!) For another, lesser-in-the-big-scheme, massive-in-my-own-personal-scheme thing, this is the first summer they’ll have me in the cast. 😀

I shared with you a while back about my audition experience, including my original monologue. Time to fill you in on what’s been happening since then.

In between a) finding out that the director of the Street Cast (Adam McAleavey; he’s nutty and awesome) had given me the role of Town Crier and b) the beginning of training, I had to come up with a name for my character. After giving the matter its due amount of care (you know with what gleeful solemnity I tackle names), I settled on… well, here, I can let her handle the introduction herself.

One portrait of many of the young miss to be seen on the “Ballad of Allyn-a-Dale” Facebook page.

“God ye good den, good readers of the blog! I’m Emeraude a’Right, here to cry your way to a better day! (Liked you that bit o’ rhyme at the last? ‘Tis mine own introductory motto, ‘an it please you thus to call it.) Named, was I, for the color of mine eyne – that’s ‘eyes’, to those among yourselves who hail not from Elizabethan England; nigh unto the green of emeralds, they are, or thus did my father fancy. As for the ‘a’right’, well, I try to make everything just so! – in particular for any and all who shall this summer grace the wonderful world of Bristol. ‘Twould be my pleasure to see you there – and your pleasure, also, if I’ve any say!”

Yep; that’s Emmers. Mind you, she couldn’t always talk like that, with that antiquated syntax and lower class accent (which, alas, I very much doubt you can hear through your screen). Or, well, I suppose she could, but I had to learn it. Fortunately, that’s what the Bristol Academy of Performing Arts is for (hereafter to be known as BAPA).

Since the start of June, I’ve spent my weekends on the fairgrounds, getting run merrily ragged. Saturdays are BAPA days, filled with lessons on how to speak, how to move, how to act and react, and how not to die. (Seriously, there’s a class called “How Not to Die”. This biz will burn you out, if you don’t take care of yourself!) Sundays are rehearsal days, where the separate guilds and troupes split up to get their acts together.

I love being in Street Cast. Everybody else looks like they’re having a jolly time, too, and goodness knows I’ve got terrific new friends scattered throughout the company. But Street’s my immediate Bristol family, and it’s good to be a Town Crier. I’m beginning to build a dynamic with my fellow Criers; much as I usually prefer being a solo act, I’m glad of the support I’ll have within our little sub-group. And in case you hadn’t heard, my costume is boss. (For the cream of my character’s photo shoot pics, check out the “Ballad” page’s “Meet Emeraude!” album).

So that’s the news for now. If you’d like to meet Emeraude in person half as much as she’d like to meet you, as well as have all of the other crazy fun the Faire has to offer, Bristol’s 25th season opens July 7th and runs every weekend through Labor Day, September 3rd. (Details at the website.) God save the Queen!

10 thoughts on ““Emeraude” or “The Life and Times of My Elizabethan Alter-Ego”

  1. Aunt Shuddie SNL
    Totally awesome. I’m thrilled that yar partaking ‘n dee arts. Wish I cood be there ta sees yuh in person. Twill be there in spirit but I’m sending my love.

  2. Awesome, so much talent in the family. Those kids who are not kids anymore never cease to amaze us. We are all proud of you.

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