“Blogfest!” or “Arrgh, What Am I On??”

Here at Ever On Word, I like to go above and beyond for my lovely readership by taking on ambitious blogging goals. …or so one would be led to believe given the latest bit o’ news.

Just what is a “blogfest” (sometimes also referred to as a “blog hop”)? Well, from what I gather from the rules posted over at the blog of one Sharon Bayliss (cohost of this particular event, along with Courtney Young), it’s a way to compel bloggers to go out and have fun with a bunch of other bloggers by posting and visiting a bunch of pieces on organized themes and basically hanging out the best that the internet allows. I just read of the Buccaneer Blogfest via Story Multiverse today. And I’m jumping in today. Clearly, my awesome first weekend of work at the Bristol Renaissance Faire hasn’t just exhausted me – it’s knocked me so giddy that I actually believe I have the time/energy for this, in addition to posts sitting in the queue on my regular blog schedule. Who knows, maybe I’m sanest when flat-out crazy. Time may tell.

In any case, I’m in it now, so let’s rock it out! It’s the blogfest’s Intro Week, and our first prompt is: Tell us a little bit about you and your blog.

Sure thing. Hey, all! I’m Danielle – or Deshipley, as I’m also known ‘round the web. I’m 23; outta school (grabbed a quick degree after a childhood-long homeschool education), outta work (not counting my Ren Faire gig; I had an approximately two-year stint as a kindergarten/elementary school librarian before stepping out to dedicate my working hours to writing), and outta my mind (it’s okay: I’m an artist).

I started this blog back in September, thanks to some urging (read: She totally made me!) from my best pal in the real, less real, and writing worlds, Tirzah. In the beginning, God created the— no, wait, that wasn’t where I was headed with this. In the beginning, I didn’t really have a clear idea where this blog was going. All I knew was that it would have a lot to do with words, my beloved authorial tools. Over the months, Ever On Word’s overall theme has become somewhat more writing focused, which suits this writer just fine; it’s what I know, it’s what I love, and the people seem to find my ramblings on the subject edutaining, so huzzah!

I’m the author of novels and short stories the official number of which I’ve long ago lost count. Some of the short stories have been published in various places, I’m super pleased to say. None of the novels have yet, but I’m working on it. (“The Ballad of Allyn-a-Dale”, I’ve got big plans for you.) In the meantime, my characters run amok on every plane of reality they can reach. (And their reach can be surprisingly far.)

That’ll about do it for now, methinks. Time to perform a few final typo sweeps, find appropriate links, and get this bad boy online. If you want a piece of the blogfest action (sorry, no pieces of eight, nor doubloons; I suspect we’re mostly faux pirates here, I’m afraid), sign-up’s still going on. I read nothing about there being a participant limit, so weigh your anchor and heave-ho!

24 thoughts on ““Blogfest!” or “Arrgh, What Am I On??”

    • Thanks! I’ll probably spend most of tomorrow playing catch-up on everybody else’s. Work/pleasure; I’m sure there’ll be reams of good reads. (:

    • Oh wowz, thank you! The Wilderhark series is particularly dear to my heart, so it fills me with golden warmth to know somebody else enjoys it. (:

    • Oh, mercy, my interviewers are coming out of the woodwork! Amanda from the It’s All in My Head blog and I got somehow turned around, thinking she was to interview me, and now I realize — no, whoops — she was supposed to interview you, and you interview me. What’s the pirate equivalent of “Ay-yi-yi”?
      Well, tell ya what we can do, Gloria: You and I can interview each other, so everyone’s covered. E-mail me at ThatSkooch@comcast.net, and we’ll get this thing all sorted out. (:

  1. Hey Danielle! It is very nice to meet you. Wanted to stop by and say hello and thank you for joining the blog fest! We have Renfest here in Texas, which I assume is the same thing. How awesome! Your novel sounds interesting…cannot wait to learn more about you and your writing. 🙂

    • Ooh, Renfest! That sounds like fun. Bristol’s the only Ren Faire I’ve frequented, to date (it’s been such a blast, there’s been no urgency to shop around), but if ever I’m in Texas while the local show’s in season, maybe I’ll have the chance to give it a try.
      Thanks for stopping by the blog and “Ballad” page, Courtney. I shall see thee anon!

  2. Sorry I missed your first post Monday, but I loved your intro from today! Glad you joined the Blogfest and I can’t wait to learn more about you and your writing:) Ahoy!

    • Thanks! I’m still slowly working my way around to the rest of the crew, myself. C’mon, me, let’s speed this up by a few knots! Blogs, blogs, and more blogs, ho!

    • Thankee, mate! Truth to tell, I’m not sure I could keep my personality out of it if I tried (or perhaps I could, but I’d be sad), so I’m very glad to hear folks find it entertaining. ^-^

  3. I totally agree that the “bloggy friends” are what it’s all about. I’m pretty sure it was Roland on the hop who was actually asked for a partial or maybe even a full of his novel from an agent who stopped by his blog, so you never know. It could happen to you…

    • *much friendly waving* Hiya, Tonya, and many thanks! I’d like to take full credit for it, but I think a heavy dosage of Looney Tunes in my formative years may have had a part to play. X)

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