“Goals cont.” or “The Meeting of a Milestone”

“Hold up a sec – didn’t you put up a blog post, like, 2 hours ago?”

Yes, astute hypothetical speaker, yes I did. But something super crazy exciting happened between then and now, namely: Ever On Word reached its 100th follower.

Now, let me be clear. I have not been sitting around this whole time saying, “Yeah, ‘#57 is following your blog’, whoopee-do. Let me know when it’s a hundred.” Heck no. I was super crazy excited when I got my first follower. I was super crazy excited when I got my first follower who wasn’t my mom. I was excited about my 5th follower, my 22nd follower, the follower that broke the 80s. Each and every time I’m notified that the number has ticked up by one, my heart flips and warms and does a little dance and smiles thi-i-is big.

No exaggeration.

Know why? Because these numbers aren’t just numbers. Each one is a person who read my words and thought, Y’know something? I’d like to read more of them, and took a moment to click a button signing them onto the Ever On Word ship. And that, to me, is a big honkin’ deal.

But I wasn’t about to chuck up a “THANK YOU!!!” post every single time I gained a follower. That would quite quickly become obnoxious. So I determined a while back that, if ever I reached my incremental goal of that first 100 followers, I would take a few minutes out to let you all know how much I truly, sincerely, spirit-deep appreciate it. Without you guys, I’d just be talking to myself. …which I have been known to do anyway, but thanks for help making it a “sometimes” instead of an “always” deal.

You all make my day. And now I’ll let you get back to yours. (:

6 thoughts on ““Goals cont.” or “The Meeting of a Milestone”

  1. Congratulations! And, hey, we follow you because you’re special 🙂 Or because we’re observing your movements, waiting for the time to strike and put an end to your evil plans. Not naming any names…

    • Thanks, dude. ^-^ Seriously, you all are making me feel special. I mean, sure, intellectually, I already knew I was special as all get-out. But to have it confirmed by a legion of third parties who may or may not be planning my spectacular downfall* just brings it all home. World-rockers, that’s what you people are.
      *Plans doomed to failure, obviously, but I admire your spunk, I really do.

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