“Goals” or “The Motivation Behind My Madness”

People have asked me – “Danielle,” they’ve asked – “Why did you start blogging? What are your goals for your blog?

And when I say “people”, I mean the crew in charge of the Buccaneer Blogfest, yo-ho!

This badge is supposed to go alongside my blog, but I’m a rebel pirate (translation: I’ve yet to have much luck in figuring out how to get badges to stay where they belong), so I’ll be sticking the image inside all my blogfest posts.

Well, whoever’s asking, I’m very glad you did, because I do rather enjoy displaying the answers to such questions for the world’s viewing pleasure.

So, wherefore did I found Ever On Word? In a nutshell,  my writing bestie Tirzah told me to. She said it would be good for me, in my capacity as up-and-coming author, to start generating an online presence beyond the occasional Facebook post.

I dragged my feet. I fussed in that “noisily brave” fashion of mine (term coined by my much-adored tailor). I was scared to throw in my lot with technology (we have a long history of enmity; see my badge caption on the right), and nervous about having to talk to a bunch of strangers on a regular basis (assuming that anyone out there paid any attention to my little blog, which I wasn’t willing to bet too heavily on). But Tirzah said she was starting one, and I didn’t want to get left behind, so there was really nothing for it.

Goals? I’m supposed to have “purposes toward which an endeavor is directed; objectives”? Er…

I kid. I’ve got goals. First, foremost, and frankly, I want fans. (Quadruple-F alliteration points are awesome, too, but a secondary goal at most.) Now, fans can be a bit tricky to come by when you haven’t actually got a book out on the market, yet. Tricky, but not impossible; not when you’ve got other words with which to entertain the masses in the meanwhile. That’s how I view this blog, in part: As my opening act, keeping the audience happily in their seats until the Big Name shows up to rock the house. I talk writing, I talk characters; I share poems, songs, and short stories; I point to other stuff I’ve read and herald, “Hey, You Should Read This!”. And in the process, I’ve gained something that I didn’t even think to aim for:

Blog friends! Y’know what’s really cool? When you’ve got people who follow your blog, or you follow theirs (or, when fortune smiles, you’re both following each other), and you get to chat and trade ideas and goof around together, and maybe invite each other over to put your words on one another’s blogs, and nominate each other for blog awards and tag them in blog games and… well, back it up, I could easily condense all this. Y’know what’s really cool? Having blog friends. I love you, my blog friends! (You know who you are… And if you’re not sure, go ahead and count yourself among them, anyway; who’s it hurtin’?)

Let’s see, any other goals?… Well, it’s more of a long-shot dream than a goal, but I would very much like some big wig in the publishing industry to see my blog and say, “Whoa, this gal is awesome and can she ever write! I’m going to make her a star!” Like I said, a long-shot. But surely it happens. …Or else, surely I could be the first! And once I’ve been made a star by hook or crook, it is my intention that Ever On Word be a place where all my fans, old and new, can keep up with whatever behind-the-scenes news I’ll have to offer on the life of the author of what will be one of their favorite books.

Such are my goals. I’ll let you know when I get there. (:

4 thoughts on ““Goals” or “The Motivation Behind My Madness”

  1. Hi Danielle, great to meet you! I think a lot of bloggers hope they’ll be stumbled upon by an agent or publisher. I know I did. 🙂 Stranger things have happened!

    • Haha — if we authors dreamed small, we wouldn’t have a universe of books spinning around in our heads. (:
      Thanks for dropping in, Sharon; and for your part in hosting the blog hop!

  2. Hi Danielle! I love your blog title. You’re one better than me, since I can’t even get the badge in my blog, let alone along side it. I copied a pic of the banner and have been posting that, and so far no one has called me out on it. Haha. 🙂

    • Glad you like it! Tirzah and my tailor helped me come up with it. ^-^
      Have you tried saving the badge as a picture to include in the posts? That was my solution. Clearly, though, it’s not a huge deal, since neither of us have been made to walk the plank yet. (:

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