“[Dis]course” or “Any Port in a Word-storm”

For my next Buccaneer Blogfest trick, I am to interview the person signed up below [me] on the linky and post that interview.

*Flash!* We interrupt this blog post to make a quick announcement! And when I say “we”, you all know I’m the only one here; ergo, I must be a royal. And speaking of royals, for those of you anxiously awaiting the final installment of my serial fairytale, “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”, fear not, it’s totally coming. I shall post it on Monday – meaning, Buccaneers, that my Monday blogfest post will be bumped to Tuesday. Everybody got that? “BSaT” conclusion = Monday. Next Buccanner post = Tuesday. That is all. Back to the interview.

…Which I can’t actually post just now, as I’ve yet to hear back from my interviewee. But ne’er fret, me hearties! If its “verbal exchange; conversation” between bloggin’ Buccaneers you wish, they’re happening all over the seven seas!

This one over at Tangent Shell is good (includes practical tips on desert island literature; good to know, should any of us aboard ship find ourselves marooned).

I enjoyed this piece at Writing In The Crosshairs, too (another instance of an absent interviewee, but this blogger makes the best of it in a deliciously strange way).

Ooh-arrgh, and Amanda Foody interviews yours truly upon the shores of It’s All in My Head!

There, now. You’ve been given several headings. Pick a “point on the compass, especially the one toward which a vehicle, such as a ship, is moving”, and speed on, full-sail!

*EPILOGUE* My interviewee has blown in at last! Blogger Nanette Pitts is in the building! …er, aboard ship! Either/or!

1) Your blog, Grace Paige’s Storyland, is agleam with flash fiction. Would you consider short stories to be your preferred genre to write, or do you enjoy tackling longer works as well?

I enjoy Flash Fiction, it keeps my brain frazzled. However, I do enjoy writing short stories that can allow me to go into a little more detail. Along with that, I am writing a novel. So really any size writing format suits me. I’m keen on supernatural genre, but I’ve read sci-fi, fiction and non-fiction. My general rule is, if a book can capture me within the first few pages, I’ll read it.

2) Do you type up your early drafts, write them hand, or some combination thereof?

I do a lot of typing, but I keep a pad of paper and pen handy at all times.

3) Which story that you’ve authored would you say you’re most pleased with, and why?

Probably the story I’m working on right now. It’s taken so much of my thought, time and soul.

4) In your maternal experience, which is harder: Naming children, or naming characters?

That is a tough one. Since I’ve had to name both. You want your children to love their name, they’re the ones who can really express to you if they like it or not. If a name doesn’t suit a character by book’s end, a little backspace can correct that.

5) In your bio, you list “Grease” as one of your favorite movies. I’m a fool for musicals, so I gotta know: Which of the song numbers is your favorite, and why?

Beauty Shop Drop Out”. Though Frenchie was following her dreams, you mustn’t skip the important stuff.

6) If you could spend a day hanging out with any fictional character you’ve ever read, who would you choose?

Oh man…this is a tougher question than #4. I’d hate to leave out any character, they all hold a special place in my heart. A few men come to mind, but really I think I’d choose Sookie Stackhouse from Charlaine Harris’ books. That way I’d meet up with her, let her poke around in my head a bit and in theory she’s a magnet for trouble so I know I’d get to meet the “guys”.

And tha-a-ar you have it, folks. (:

10 thoughts on ““[Dis]course” or “Any Port in a Word-storm”

    • Eh, stuff happens. Sometimes a writer’s gotta write stuff in spite of stuff. Only the adaptable survive! Or was that “the paranoid?… Doesn’t matter, I’ve been known to be both. ^-^
      I hope you enjoy my answers more than the questions you didn’t get to see! (Though goodness knows invisible questions are a tough act to follow.)

  1. I am actually kind of shocked by the lack of response so many folks seem to be having. You would think all the writers out there would LOVE to be interviewed. Alas, I guess not…
    Thanks for mentioning my blog. My interviewee is pretty awesome.

    • Oh, has there been a lot of that going around? Figure that. Ah well, at least none of us have to feel picked on.
      You’re quite welcome. (: Had to do something to take up a bit of space around here, and you seemed an attractive choice.

  2. Well, I enjoyed your non-interview post! Maybe your interviewee was intimidated by your queenly aura? Anyways, gonna go read your interview! 😀

    • Queenly aura?! You, milady, get the prize for being the first to ever state that of me in public! (Everyone else must be merely thinking it.) Thanks, Colleen — you’re making me smile hugely. 😀

  3. Well, as long as I get to read the BSaT conclusion, I think I can deal with just about any delays. I liked your interview!

  4. When I read your response to your favourite thing about writing, it felt I was reading my own words! Head over to the lovely Flame Writer’s blog to double check that.

    I really like you 😀

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