“Overture” or “One if on Minstrels, Two if on Sea…”

Today’s assignment  (*cough* yesterday’s *cough* but I did give warning of the excellently-excused delay) aboard the Buccaneer Blogest: Share the first paragraph of my novel or WIP (“work-in-progress”, for any landlubbers unfamiliar with writerly slang). That means that you all get to see the opening of my golden child, “The Ballad of Allyn-a-Dale”! (Don’t get jealous, other novels o’ mine; you know I love you all dearly, and your sunshine time will come.)

‘Fessing up: This is more technically the first two paragraphs of “Ballad”s “introductory section or part, as of a poem; a prelude” (because in a book as musical as a minstrel’s, we can’t just call it a “prologue”). But as has been previously mentioned, I am a rebel pirate. And as you’ll see below, using only the first paragraph would have felt like shameless skimping. So please don’t keelhaul me.

~ <<>> ~

Ellie fought the growing urge to panic.

Surrounding her were creatures of every imaginable kind. Beings that stood some twenty feet tall, and held smaller people in their power, forcing them to dance like dolls on strings. Cloaked figures with dragons perched on their shoulders that would turn their eerie reptilian heads to follow the progress of passersby. Women in leather corsets. Women in silken gowns. Women decked out in tunics, capes, and (perhaps exclusive to Ellie) a hat which may have been meant for a cowboy, once, but which now boasted one side of the brim sewn up to the crown, along with a big flourish of a red feather.

~ <<>> ~

            Your thoughts, readers? ^^ Would the opening tempt you to read further, or to throw the book across the room? What does it make you think, and how does it make you feel? Does this mishmash of “Ballad” and piracy make you want to hear a rollicking tune about a minstrel sea captain? I know it does, me! And so I leave you with this: “The Shanty of Allyn-a-Dale”, written/performed/produced by D.E.Shipley (as seen on the “Ballad” Facebook page! …Meaning if the video’s link decides to act funny, there’s more than one way to skin the ship’s cat).

4 thoughts on ““Overture” or “One if on Minstrels, Two if on Sea…”

  1. Arg, me lifts a flagon of ale to the rebel pirate! I love your fist sentence. Talk about jumping right in to the action. There is seriously a LOT going on in this first paragraph, so it immediately makes me wonder what the heck is going on. I must know more!

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