“Scarlet” or “Give Him an Inch, and He’ll Talk a Mile a Minute”

Today’s Buccaneer Blogfest mission, if I choose to accept it (and I do), is a bit of merriment known as the character interview.

People who’ve been around the blog a few times know that conversations with characters are right up my alley; I’ve even let a few of them guest blog for me. (Thanks again, Bruno, Allyn, and Lute.) And once I’d done that… well, I kind of sealed my fate.

Y’see, I’ve got this character. Goes by the name of Will Scarlet. Perhaps you’ve seen him on the “Ballad” page. Harder not to have seen him, if you follow the page. He’s a talker, an attention hog, and has been begging me to let him have his own blog for months. That’s not happening. I don’t have the time. But since I’ll be sitting down for a chat with a character today, it may as well be him. (I’d not soon hear the end of it, otherwise.)

Better cut this introduction short, since I know his answers won’t be. Scarlet, come on down!

Will: Yes! Right! Awesome! Hello, everyone, you all look beautiful – I mean that!

Me: You can’t see them.

Will: Maybe I meant “beautiful on the inside”. It’s not all about looks, Danielle, no matter how hot mine are. So! What questions have you got for me?

Me: Why don’t you start off by telling us a little bit – A LITTLE BIT, Will – about who you are?

Will: I’m an outlaw undercover at a Renaissance Faire that’s actually Avalon. (Y’know, Arthurian legend? That Avalon.) Anyway, back to me, I’m one of Robin Hood’s Merry Men. Yes, THE Robin Hood. I’m his cousin, as well as his left-hand man, you might say, since Little John snagged the title of right-hand man, and I’m left-handed anyway, so that all works out. I’m also the brains of the group.

Me: Really, Will? You’re actually claiming that?

Will: Well, I mean, not that the others aren’t smart, too. Robin with his leadership savvy, and Marion all on top of interpersonal relations, and Allyn the musical genius, and Little John… well, he’s just big, isn’t he? Intelligent enough, but mostly huge. And quiet. It’s creepy. And okay, so I don’t always act like the brains of the band – or even necessarily like I’ve got a brain in my head. But I totally do! I’d like to see any of the others think up half the stuff I do! Who do they turn to when they need a plan fast? You’re looking at him. Particularly if it’s to do with the Outsiders—

Me: Hold right there. Tell us about the Outsiders.

Will: What? Oh. You know. You people. The modern folks who live outside of Avalon. The awesome ones with computers. Sure, Merlin’s got a computer, too, but what good does that do me? He never lets me use it. I need an iPhone.

Me: Okay, we’re quickly losing the thread of it. Let’s back it up. Now, my dictionary defines “scarlet” as “a strong to vivid red or reddish orange” or “flagrantly immoral or unchaste”. Any of this come into play when you chose your outlaw name?

Will: The red bit, mostly. I love red; so bright and expensive. And my hair’s got some scarlet blended in with the gold, so that’s all very apt. As for flagrant immorality and unchastity—

Me: Not a word.

Will: Coining it. —Well, it’s a bit of a “yes and no”, there. I can be a gentleman, when absolutely necessarily. When it’s not, then God save you. All in good fun, though, you understand.

Me: Yeah, that’d be a “yes and no”, too. Next question: What do you like best about being in the Merry Men?

Will: Um, being awesome? Come on, look at this gig: I got to be a thief led and sanctioned by the most honorable man I know; I get to be practically immortal (did you know that, readers? By virtue of dying a heroic death back in the Middle Ages, and with a little help from Avalonian magic, I get to be eternally young forever! #Winning!); I get to play myself in a Renaissance Faire; I look really good; I—

Me: What does looking good have to do with being a Merry Man?

Will: I don’t know, maybe not much. But muscles developed in fighting for our lives have to help, right? And the glow of fame?

Me: Sure, Will. Last question: Why do you think people should read “The Ballad of Allyn-a-Dale”, once it’s published? …Besides the fact that you’re in it.

Will: Ha-ha! Preempted! Well, how about this: Action! Adventure! Mystery! Suspense! Magic and music, witty dialogue, and an all-star cast (naming no names in particular, apparently). I had a rousing time living it, so they’re bound to love reading it. Plus Allyn’s in it. I can mention Allyn, right? He’s not me, and he’s awesome.

Me: Yes, mentioning Allyn is fine. Thanks for your time, Will. It’s been… breathless.

Will: Yes, I do tend to have that effect on women. Pleasure mine, Danielle. Great to be here. An honor just to be nominated.

Me: …Right.

Once everyone out there finds a space to slip a word in edgewise, if you have any additional questions or comments for Will, toss ‘em below. He’ll be only too happy to respond.

18 thoughts on ““Scarlet” or “Give Him an Inch, and He’ll Talk a Mile a Minute”

    • “Who? What? Me? No! Maybe. Not entirely! …But yes.” *sheepish grin* “Not exactly one of my better qualities. Would you like me to list those? I’ve got plenty!”
      No thanks, Will.

    • “You’re too kind, Jamie! The pleasure was all mine! …Minus the pleasure that was yours, but only because I’m just that pleasurable. Can’t help myself, really! Or haven’t tried! Love you, you’re a dear!”

  1. This is hilarious. I love how Will has been begging you for his own blog and wants an iphone. He would really go to town on Twitter, I bet. Wow. Your novel sounds fascinating. The idea of a Ren faire as real Avalon is totally cool.

    • “Thanks, I do my best! And c’mon, Shell, help me out here — wouldn’t you totally love to follow a Will Scarlet blog? And a Facebook? And Twitter? And Pinterest? Who wouldn’t, right? What do you say, Danielle? The People are demanding it!”
      Hey, the day you can manage social media accounts without needing my body as an intermediary vessel, you can have it! Until then, the answer remains “NO”.
      “Hang it. Oh well, at least I get my reportedly fascinating-sounding novel.”
      Allyn’s novel.
      “Right. That. What I said.”

    • Will winks at you. “Most discerning of you, milady! When the book makes itself available, readers of this blog will be among the first to know. Stay tuned! Don’t change that dial! And now, a word from our sponsor! Are you sick and tired of your sword-fighting equipment falling apart when you may or may not have been doing something foolish with it?…”
      Cut the ads, Will. A “thank you” would have pretty much sufficed.

    • Lol, you all are giving him a big head!
      “Oh, no fault of theirs, author mine. From all I can remember, I was pretty much born this way, and my head is perfectly proportionate to my awesomeness, many thanks and God save thee. Great to hear from you, Em! You’re a peach!” *blows kiss*

  2. WOW! Okay, not only does Will sound like a charmer, the book sounds fantastic!! Yes!
    Ashley: Hiya! Thought I’d check out your home too. Love this—my favorite color is red too!! One of the Merry Men, huh? That teaches me to think of them as a kid’s tale; you sound like the awesomeness of the group!

    • “ASHLEY! You came! Oh, hellfire, yes! Welcome, welcome! (Ha — like this my place. I wish!) The awesomeness? Hard to say. I mean, I’ve always seen Robin as da man. But, in utter honesty, I doubt he’ll ever be as hip as I am. He’s timeless, I’m current, know what I mean? Apples and oranges. Dibs on the apple, ’cause it’s red! Unless it’s green! We’ll say it’s red, that’s more iconic!”
      Lol. Whaddaya you know — even my character interviewee has found a blog buddy. Is this blogfest hoppin’ or what?! Thanks for dropping by, girls; you made Will’s night. XD

  3. Sorry to be so late in posting my comments! This week has been one long trial…But I’ve read all the Buccaneer entries of yours for this week and your WIP sounds so great. I love the inspiration moment behind your story and your characters sound lively and fun!

    • “Oh, we are,” Will grins.
      …And all of them so modest about it, too. *eyes rolling like Vegas dice*
      Worry not about the delay, Talynn; mercy knows I’m not anywhere near up to date with everyone. Fortunately, we consider the Pirate Code to be more like guidelines than actual rules. No fall-behind pirates left behind!

  4. Hahaha Danielle, that was both ridiculously awesome and highly entertaining. Thanks for directing me here! 🙂 And Will, I have to say your wit and spirit is simply captivating. If I were a young lady in your story, I know who I’d have my eye on. What a guy. I’m officially a fan.

    • Says Will, grinning almost too brightly to look at straight on, “Why, Milady Sam, you flatter me to within an inch of reason’s utter detonation! …Not that some would say I have much in the way of reason to bust, but something’s popping somewhere!”
      I think that’s the sound of this space being too small to contain your swollen self-importance. Might wanna put some ice on that, fella.
      “Ah, good,” he says comfortably. “Fans and haters. Now I know I’ve arrived.” *winks at Sam* “Pity for me you’re not in my story. From all I’ve seen of your writings, I’m sure we’d get on very well indeed.”

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