“Origin” or “How I Ended Up Airing Some Fantastic Dirty Laundry”

The question on deck for the Blogfest Buccaneers: Share your light bulb moment with us. How did you come up with the idea for your WIP?

As is somewhat usual with me, it was a long, meandering train of thought

The “point at which something comes into existence or from which it derives or is derived” of my tale was a character (that’s usual with me, too) – or rather, two of them. The first was a kinda strange lady, and as I lay waiting to fall asleep one night, I mulled over why that could be. I don’t recall when I figured it out, but it had to have been before December of I-forget-the-year, because by the time I’d started in on a collection of Christmas-centric short stories (one of which some of you may remember from this post), I knew what she was. More than that, I knew what a whole bunch of characters in that story world were, and – surprise on me – the answer wasn’t human.

(You know it’s time to switch your genre to fantasy when…)

Meanwhile, in another part of my head, the second, related character was bugging me to let him write a tell-all on his side of the story he didn’t feel was doing him justice. I let him rant for 200-some pages, then stepped in to rewrite it as a more focused memoir. That project sat in the Possibly Salvageable Junk Pile for a good while, along with the first few sorry pages from a companion story.

Fast-forward to early this year, when – after some enthusiastic encouragement from writing-buddy Tirzah – I felt I was finally ready to tackle this old monster project in a new form: A trilogy spanning three generations of one hilarious, heartbreaking, mega-dysfunctional, truly phenomenal family. Strangeness will be explained. Tell-all will all-told. Many of my earliest characters left for years in authorial storage will finally get some time in the sun, as well as plenty of time in the dark.

I’m quite pleased with and proud of the work I’ve done so far, and am looking forward to finishing strong and sharing this beautiful beast with the world! I think fans of YA urban fantasy/paranormal stuff are gonna like it. (:

4 thoughts on ““Origin” or “How I Ended Up Airing Some Fantastic Dirty Laundry”

  1. That’s really cool that characters come to your head to beg for a chance to tell their stories. For me, it’s more events that ask for characters. Then I find the characters who are up for said adventure.

    • Aye, it can go either way for me, but I prefer to go the Instigating Character route (as opposed to the Casting Call), when I can. Since my heart is so character-centered, I care more about a story going into it when I already care about the people involved. Still, the Casting Call route’s nothing to sneeze at; it’s always incredibly interesting to see which characters will show up for the roles. (:

  2. 1. I love the titles of your blog posts.
    2. “You know when it’s time to change your genre to fantasy when…” < L. O. L.
    3. I am so glad your writing friend encouraged a revival! I'm seriously curious about this story now and will anxiously await it to reach the shelves. (: Thanks for sharing your HUZZAH! moment with us!
    4. You have something waiting for you on my blog. http://flamecycle.blogspot.com/2012/07/the-booker-award.html

    • 1. Thank you! They are chosen with utmost care. ^-^
      2. *LOLs along*
      3. Yay, curiosity piqued! That’s half my job done, right there. Now for the writing half! …And the editing half. …And the publishing half. So much for proper fractions.
      4. Gi-i-ifts?? *hits up your link to see what awaits me*

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