“Biblio-psych” or “What Does Your Bookshelf Say About You?”

The nosy, nautical types at the Buccaneer Blogfest want to know: What books are on my shelf?

In the name of semi-thoroughness, I popped over to my little black bookcases (which represent only a fraction of my reading collection sprawled all over this house) to scribble out a quick inventory. And in so doing, my inner analyst began musing on how my hoard of reading material lined up with the principles of biblio-psychology (which, as far as either of us know, is not a legit branch of study… meaning we should totally make it so and earn a PhD. Boo-yah).

So: What do the books on my shelf say about me?

Calvin and Hobbes collections – I’ll be made an old, boring grownup over my dead body.

Heavily illustrated books about da Vinci, architecture, and the gardens of Versailles – A couple of my WIP’s young MCs may have been holding the wallet during these particular shopping trips. Logan’s more into da Vinci than I’ll ever be, and his best friend’s the architecture/Versailles fanatic.

Novelizations of “Van Helsing”, “King Kong”, “The Fantastic 4”, and the “Spider-Man” trilogy – I don’t just like to watch movies; I like to read ‘em!

Diagnosis: Murder mysteries by Lee Goldberg – I like my death with a side of Dick van Dyke (or at least his great character, Dr. Mark Sloan).

Liz Curits Higgs’ “Lowlands of Scotlandseries – I’m a Christian romantic with sucker spots for both old stories made new and Scottish accents.

Bookshelves: The windows to your psyche.
(Image Cred, Shelterness Frames via The Painted Nook)

Pride and Prejudice”, Marvel’s graphic novelization of the same, and “Mr. Darcy’s Diary” by Amanda Grange – I like spending time at Pemberley.

5 “Princess Diaries” volumes by Meg Cabot – I enjoyed Princess Mia’s high school drama all right, but not enough to pay for the whole series.

The first 4 “Sword of Truth” novels by Terry Goodkind – I love you, Richard, but I cannot take much more of the rambling nightmare that is your life.

The “Twilight” saga, novella, and Part 1 of the graphic novel – I must’ve gotten into the series before it got huge, because there’s no way I’d get in so deep once it was cemented as a cultural phenomenon. (I realize I’ll be waiting a while for the “Harry Potter” craze to die down…)

4 retellings of the Robin Hood legend – I must be keeping the fifth and sixth in my room.

A slough of longtime favorites (The “Montmorency series, “The Story Girl, the “Bonemender” trilogy, “The Frog Princess); a ton of titles picked up at book fairs during my school librarian days (largely unread, though delightful standouts include “The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme, “Dragon Slippers, and “Skulduggery Pleasant); myths, fantasies, fairytales, picture books, two books of baby names, and a bound set of jigsaws puzzles featuring the art of Monet – My philosophy: There’s no such thing as too many books!

And what of you, readers? What about your innermost selves might your biblio-psychoanalysis reveal?

10 thoughts on ““Biblio-psych” or “What Does Your Bookshelf Say About You?”

    • Indeed, I enjoyed reading Darcy’s diary. …which makes me sound like quite the creeper, lol. In all seriousness, though, I felt he had a pleasant voice.
      And once I become a biblio-psych professor, you can totally be in my class. Totally. (:

  1. I love da Vinci and the architecture books, I just finished Robin Hood and I read Liz Curits Higgs’ “Lowlands of Scotland” series not too long ago! So, yay! great reads:)

    • Ooh, ooh, which Robin Hood?! And which of the “Lowlands” installments/characters was your fave? (I’m eager to hear from someone else who’s read them; so far as I can recall, you’re the first I’ve encountered who has!)

  2. There are a lot of fantasy books on my shelf, sadly I succumbed to all of Richard Rahl’s suck life…but Piers Anthony also had a long and lengthy run…must be my inner child. All the rotten puns, so fun. So, dear professor, what does that say about me?

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