Book Giveaway from One Little Library

Blogger, up-and-coming editor, and friend o’ mine Ariel K. Price has a new website, and she’s looking to give some books away! So if you haven’t checked her out, yet (or her blog, newly named One Little Library), this is a prime time to get on that. (:

~ Deshipley

One Little Library

Thank you so much, everyone who took a look at my new website and those of you who shared it with your friends! I’m so excited about it. This Friday also happens to be my birthday, so in the spirit of celebration, I am hosting a Book Giveaway!

This is the first giveaway that I’ve attempted, and I’m thrilled to have some pretty awesome prizes.

So here’s what I’m giving away:

Powell's Books

  • A $25 gift card to my favorite independent bookstore, Powell’s Books. The gift card can be used online, so don’t worry if you don’t live in Portland.

Hooked by Les Edgerton

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