“Seven” or “Like Author, Like Character”

I received a blog award from The Hyperteller! *cough* …Way back in June. *cough* Fortunately, blog awards have an amazing shelf life, and have no problem waiting around as long as it takes for you to find a slot for them in your blogging schedule. Thanks for your patience, Tell Me About Yourself Award!

There are two rules of acceptance: 1) The nominee must tell seven things about his/herself; and 2) the nominee must nominate seven others for the award.

Because I work best with guidelines, I’ve given my facts to share a theme: Seven things about me that I share in common with one or another of my characters.

One – My idea of a totally awesome date (one of) is to go to a bookstore and stroke pretty covers and flip sweet-smelling pages and squeal over exciting new titles together. Bruno’s cousin Gianni from my “World of the Dream” saga pretty much did that, once; how’s that for romance?

Two – My heart aches for joy at the beauty of the moon. Princess Laraspur from my “Wilderhark Tales” feels the same way.

Three – Before I got serious about writing, I spent my teen years filling volumes of journals with nonsense paranormal soap operas for fun. So did Annabelle, female lead of my novel “Inspired”.

Four – Ruster from a partially-unfinished trilogy and I have the same favorite part of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, Movement I. It’s this really dramatic bit toward the end of the recapitulation; a shame most listeners will never continue past the exposition. We also both play B-flat clarinet and piano, though he practices more, so he’s better.

Five – My house is over a century old. So is the Llewellyn family’s in a novel temporarily titled “Under the Stars”. (I know the book needs something cooler than that, but I haven’t found it yet. Titles, I mutter.)

Six – I own a top hat and a fox tail, just like Glyph does! …Okay, not just like him. He grew his tail himself.

I can’t even really play a flute like Glyph does. Ruster can. My minstrels can. It’s my sister’s flute, so obviously *she* can… *hangs head and feels musically inferior*

Seven – Aiming high is never high enough. I want the sky! Me and Gant-o’-the-Lute both.

“The difference being,” says Lute, “that I am far better equipped to reach it.”

Yeah, yeah, and you’re my flutin’ musical superior. We know.

And now, for the seven bloggers about which I would be glad to learn seven things:

1Dianne from Doodles

2Emerald from Dreaming Awake

3J.P. from House of Happy

4Kendra from Flame Writer

5Sam Chaffin from Her Ink-Lings

6Tirzah from The Ink Caster

7Tiyana from Seven & a Half First Drafts

Take as many months as you need to, nominees. Your award will keep. (:

4 thoughts on ““Seven” or “Like Author, Like Character”

  1. Whoa, you scared me there! I read the first sentence and thought ‘I really don’t remember that. Have I started giving out blog awards in my sleep or something?’ Then read the June part. Cancelled the ambulance/put away my defibrillator.

    Love the way you’ve tackled the questions. Love, in a nemesis way, obviously. BNF.

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