“Teen Ten Page” or “This Thing I’m Doing on a Spontaneous Writing Break”

We interrupt whatever important things we were doing (in my case, working out the third-to-last chapter of my novel in progress) to bring you this brief announcement: I’m about to participate in the Teen Ten Page contest. To consolidate relevant information gleaned from one of the host blogs, Candy Apple Books

What is Teen Ten Page you ask!? >.<

It’s this really super fun contest that was thought up by the brilliant mind of my friend Sarah (her blog, Inklined, linked here).

Here’s how it works;

Every four months and every time Sarah or I get fifty more followers (like 50, 100, 150, etc.) we will hold this contest.

When we hold the contest, you can enter the first 150 words of your WIP (work in progress).

Out of all the entries, Sarah and I will pick two winners!

So where does this ‘Ten Page’ stuff come in?

Well, the two winners will get a ten page critique by a fellow teen author. There will be a different teen writer every week.

This is an awesome contest for writers who want to know what other teens* (and, if they get published, future readers) think of their book.

But like all great contests, there are rules.

1. Each person may only submit one entry! If you submit more then one entry, both of your entries will be automatically disqualified.

2. If you have a blog, you have to either do a post about Teen Ten Page and let your followers know you’ve done the contest. Or you can just simply put the button up on your sidebar. (You can get the button on my side bar on the right of your screen.) If you post, you have to give the link to your post in the entry e-mail.

3. Your entry can’t have more then 150 words.

4. To include in your e-mail:

–Your name

– Your e-mail

– Your post link

–Your entry (consisting of 150 words)

The contest closes on Oct. 4, 2012.

You can enter by e-mailing me (Hannah) at butterflyeyes14@gmail.com, or you can e-mail Sarah at sarah.y.faulkner@gmail.com.

*A few years outside of your teens, like me? No harm, no foul – I checked, and there’s no age limit on the entrants. “Teen”, here, refers to the readership, not the writer. (:

So, after I put up this post, it’s off to my e-mail to send in my entry… then back to the actual “work” and “progress” parts of my WIP. Back to business, everyone!

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