“HYSR/NT!” or “Hey, You Should Read / ‘Narrate This!’ ”

Goodness, how long has it been since I told you that hey, you should read something? That wacky and wonderful summer at Bristol really threw my weekends for a loop, but I think I may finally be in a position to get my posting Saturdays back on track.*

(*Laugh’s on me, folks: I’ve got last-minute plans to spend tomorrow at the 5th annual Gathering of Rogues and Ruffians Renaissance Faire. So… let’s pretend today is Saturday!)

Leading this special feature’s comeback, here’s a piece by Dianne J. Wilson of the Doodles blog entitled, “Inspired by… THAT?” It’s a perfect demonstration of how the most ordinary, otherwise-useless things – from ugly sashes to grocery lists – can turn into artistic greatness (sometimes multiple artistic greatnesses!), with a little help from a creative mind.

So hey, read that – and be inspired!

Even this watercolor painting that I was doing little more than cleaning my brush on could be the first ripple of a brainwave. Creative types looking for a quick challenge, consider this your prompt!


Have you ever wondered what your manuscript, short story, or novella would sound like as an audio book? Are you the kind of writer that loves to hear someone else’s voice reading your work? Then hey, you should read this and weep for joy: The “Narrate This!” contest is coming is coming to the Story Multiverse blog!

I was a happy winner, the last time around, with most of my prize – an audio clip of my Merry Minstrel’s introduction to the magical Avalon Faire – proudly displayed on my “Ballad of Allyn-a-Dale” page. (And one of these days, I’ll make myself face the technological drudgery necessary on my end to upload the rest of the file I won. Just ha-a-ad to go all overachiever and make a fancy, subtitled video, huh, Shipley?…)

The contest opens on October 21st. For full details on how you can potentially hear YOUR story read aloud by my blog pal Ben Chiles, then hey, you should read his post explaining all about it. Many will enter (ideally)! May the best of the best win!

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