For those of you who enjoyed my homeschooler’s take on homeschooling, a while back, here’s a look at another scholastic approach: Unschooling as experienced by my writing buddy (and, as of today, published writer!) Tirzah Duncan. ~Deshipley

The Ink Caster

Just got an article published at Life Learning Magazine today! If you have or get a subscription, my piece is titled “Secondary – School’s damaging priority paradigm.” It’s about how school, especially high school, appears to leave kids with too little time to follow their passions—and how society thinks this is okay.

I suppose I ought to mention that I was unschooled. Have I mentioned that? Hold on while I search my archives… Nope, not once.

In case you don’t know what unschooling is, it’s life learning. But that doesn’t tell you much either, does it? Hopefully, a longer-than-usual blog post will explain it better.
(Note—if  at any point you experience an uncomfortable, hater-like burning sensation in your heart or stomach, please consult your doctor before reading further. You may be prone to posting vicious comments or starting flame wars.)

So. Unschooling. I have my own definition, but out of curiosity, I’ll…

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