“Legend” or “The Next Big Thing! (Week 33)”

Ho, reader people! Will Scarlet, here. Remember me? Come on, sure you do. That interview during the buccaneer blog hop whatsit – it’s all coming back now, right? Brilliant.

Well, it looks like blogs are hopping again, because the ol’ author and I got tagged in a little something apparently called The Next Big Thing. No, seriously – we both of us got tagged. “Danielle (and Will!)” it said, clear as a non-cloudy day; go have a look at the Flame Writer blog, if you don’t believe me.

(Did you look? Did you see? Down there at the bottom? Told you. Kendra and I are tight, like that, and that goes for her character Ashley, too.)

Any event. How this works: The tagged author-bloggers answer ten questions about their works-in-progress, then tag up to five other author-bloggers so they can do the same thing all over again next week. Simon simple, right?

Rub is, Danielle’s not actually got a novel in progress, at the moment, being between projects, as it were. No worries, though – we’ll just talk about one of the novels she recently finished, and which just happens to feature me, so I’m totally qualified to answer the questions about it. Ready? All set? Here we go!

1) What is the working title of your book?

The Legend of Allyn-a-Dale” – third and final installment of what we call the “Ballad of Allyn-a-Dale Trilogy”. Don’t know why we call it that. It would make more sense to call it just the “Allyn-a-Dale Trilogy”, since the Allyn-a-Dale part stays the same, while the Ballad part doesn’t. But nobody asked me. They rarely do. In any case, “Legend of Allyn-a-Dale”.

Legend” for short.

(Or “An Unverified Story Handed Down from Earlier Times, Especially One Popularly Believed to Be Historical”, if we’re doing this Ever On Word-style.)

2) Where does the idea of your book come from?

From me.

Yes, I totally just said that, and it’s totally true. Danielle wrote the book for me, because… well, I was going through some issues outside of Book Land, and she figured the best way to help me get through the inner drama was to write it out with a proper plot crafted around it. Plus she’d been wanting to find a way to convey more of the Merry Men’s backstory – y’know, what life was like for us in olde England, back before we died and were brought back to immortal life in Avalon-disguised-as-a-Renaissance-Faire. So this story was a fine way to stick two Sheriff’s men with one arrow, as it were.

3) What genre does your book fall under?

YA Contemporary/Semi-Historical Fantasy.

4) Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

In a perfect world, I would totally get to play myself. I’m a born actor! Alas, your Hollywood knows not of me, so we’ll just have to find some way to make do.

I’d be willing to let James Marsden play me. Just look how he pulls off flamboyant red!

James Marsden as Will

Mercy, Allyn’s tough to cast. Even if we could find the face, where would we find the voice?? Logan Lerman might be able to get away with the face bit; just put a big blue plume on that hat and a lute in his arms and pray that either he can sing or knows how to lip-synch really well.

Logan Lerman as Allyn

And if we could get James McAvoy to play dear cousin Robin, Danielle and her sisters would die of delight.

James McAvoy as Robin

There’s a whole mess of other significant roles to fill, of course, but let’s not be about this all day. Moving on!

5) What is the one-sentence synopsis for your book?

Oh. Hmm. “In a world where….” Erm, no, maybe not.

How about something like, “Destiny thrusts Allyn-a-Dale back through time to Medieval Sherwood, but will the minstrel’s playing with fate save history only to doom the Merry Men?

I don’t know, synopses are tricky enough for proper writers, and I’m just an unfairly charming outlaw, for goodness’ sake.

6) Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

While Danielle would love agent representation for her writing career in general, she’s decided that the “Ballad” books are too close to her heart to be anything other than micromanaged by her. So “Legend” and its predecessors are slated for eventual self-publication. Eyes on this blog for news about that, just as soon as there is any!

7) How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

She was pretty much going at her feverish NaNo speed, for this one – according to her records, writing from the 6th to the 25th of this past September. I guess my story was really yanking at her. Can’t say I’m sorry!

8) What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

If you call books about Robin Hood a genre, you could compare and contrast this version of his story against others for ages, as his diehard fans seem plenty happy to do. As far as comparable books in YA Fantasy, I don’t even know. Isn’t that mostly insecure girls falling in love with monsters and things?

9) Who or what inspired you to write the book?

I believe it was the trusty writing buddy that first suggested Danielle novelize my issues. Good ol’ Tirzah; always looking out for me. What she thought Danielle would actually come up with as far as melding my mess with a workable plot, I’ve no idea, but I guess the book delivered, because we were all a wreck for days after the first reading. (And as Danielle was seen to say on Facebook, “If a story’s got you bawling, it’s doing it right.”)

10) What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

What, you need more than Robin Hood, Allyn, and me? All right, how about well-characterized villainy, a bit of espionage, assassin monks, and a minstrel getting roped into an onstage performance with – wait for it… – mimes for background singers? Not to mention romance, an intimate look inside the mind and heart of a madman, and that nagging little question as to whether this band of heroes you’ve come to view as your BFFs will live or die.

If you love me, you will read this book.

Now, then – which author-bloggers to tag for next Wednesday, January 23rd, Week 34 of the blog hop? Bloggers, Danielle knows a-plenty; question is, how many of them have novels in progress and/or time to participate? Well, I’ll just pull out five names and hope at least one of them sticks.

Ben of Story Multiverse

Leigh of Butterflies and Dragons

Sam of Her Inklings

Tirzah, The Ink Caster

Tiyana of Seven & a Half First Drafts

And hey, if anybody else reading this happens to be an author-blogger with a novel and a bit of time on their hands, they can go ahead and consider themselves invited to join in, too, if they like. Never let it be said you don’t get tagged for anything fun, eh what?

…All right, Danielle says that I’m running long. (Again.) Guess that means it’s time to make my exit. Until next time, readers! Cheerio!

7 thoughts on ““Legend” or “The Next Big Thing! (Week 33)”

  1. Well, thank you, “Will,” for such an awesome interview, and for randomly tagging me. I’m looking forward to reading more of your story!

    • “Pleasure all mine, Ben,” Will beams. “Seriously, it was a blast. More of my…? Oh, hey, right! You were the guy who did that bit of audio for ‘Ballad’! — for that ‘Narrate This!’ contest thing you host! That was awesome; you voicing me was the best part! ^_^ “

  2. ‘Tis always a joy to spend time with your charming outlaws. As always, I want to hug the stuffings out of Will. Great interview. And I look forward to getting to read the Ballad one day.

    • “Ah, Laure, you please me beyond all reasonability. Immaterial hugs!” Will cries, and throws his arms around you for a squeeze that I truly hope you can feel; a Scarlet embrace is up there with the best of ’em (if you’ve got the rib strength to handle it 😉 ).

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