“Bucket” or “What Are Your 18 Things?”

Something very exciting is happening to one of my blog’s cherished followers (yes, my darlings, I cherish you all): Congratulations, Jamie Ayres – it’s a published novel! …Or it will be, come its release day on January 24th, a.k.a. this Thursday.

I gotta say, I’m a fan of the cover. Water and sailboats and blue are a few of my favorite (if not 18) things!
I gotta say, I’m a fan of the cover. Water and sailboats and blue are a few of my favorite (if not 18) things!

In anticipation, celebration, and promotion of her book, “18 Things”, Jamie is hosting the What Are Your 18 Things Blogfest. Full details and sign-up can be found here, but to quote in the interest of summary:

The official bucket badge.
The official bucket badge.

All you have to do is blog about things on your bucket list. …And it doesn’t have to be 18 Things . . . it can be anywhere from 1-18 things (I just needed my title to get out there. Marketing trolls said so!)

Anyone who posts their 18 Things between January 17th-24th can enter to win a number of prizes… I will use RANDOM.ORG to pick 2 winners each day (4 winners on January 24th–release day!), and winners, you get to choose your prize. So, early bird gets the worm, my friends!

…Don’t blog? Put the cover of 18 Things or the bucket badge [seen here] up on your FB wall and post your bucket list item under the photo, or pin it on Pinterest with your bucket list item in the comments, or tweet one of your 18 Things. Use the words ‘18 Things’ somewhere to go with the picture and link back to this blog wherever you decide to post. All non-blog entries will still be available for the awesome prizes! Just remember to link to me so I know you participated!!

So, what would I like to do before I inevitably kick the “cylindrical vessel used for holding or carrying liquids or solids”? Eliminating apparently infeasible feats like sprouting wings to fly, singing with myself in three-part harmony, and crossing the planes of reality to pal around in person with my fictional characters made assembling a list of any length a more difficult venture than it would otherwise have been. I also chose to leave out things like getting picked up by a publisher and wooed by some hottie who’s head-over-heels in love with me – not because I don’t want these things, but because the attainment of them is as much up to the other party as it is to me, and hinging all my hopes on other people seems like a fast track to disasppointment. Given time and thought, however, I was able to identify 18 things that are both humanly possible and within my control to do. Behold: My bucket list!

1) Write a series of murder mysteries – just as soon as I can figure out how to juggle suspects, clues, and red herrings like a boss.

2) Roam Sherwood Forest – and if tourists aren’t allowed to wander at will, I may have to sneak around, outlaw-style.

3) While I’m in the U.K., visit London, Ireland, and Scotland – and enjoy all the local beauty, including but not limited to the variety of British accents.

4) See the musical “Wicked” onstage, somewhere – if only for the thrill that the opening song sends rushing through me every time I hear it on YouTube.

5) Sing in an onstage musical myself – perhaps one that I wrote!

6) Figure out how to write a musical – first things first.

7) Learn how to speak Italian – mostly because Bruno can, and I don’t like my characters to be too much cooler than me, if I can help it.

8) …And then visit Italy – or I could try to manage both at once, but that might be painful. And obviously, Bruno would have to come with me; Italy is like his home away from San Francisco.

9) Obtain (and learn to play) a lute – …while being resigned to the fact that I’ll never play as well as my minstrels, for whom the lute is their signature instrument.

10) Obtain (and learn to play) an ocarina – and let that be my signature minstrel instrument (since, y’know, a piano is a pain to lug around over hill and dale).

11) Pet a red fox – no explanation needed. It’s a fox.

12) Shoot arrows well enough that I can feel like Robin Hood – the day I split my first bullseye with a second shot, there will be much rejoicing.

13) Contribute to the production of a beautifully-animated movie – preferably create some of the art and/or give a character my voice; maybe help with the script, too, I don’t know. What I do know is, I want it to be largely hand-drawn 2D, like the Disney classics.

14) Name my adulthood home – even if it doesn’t have expansive country grounds to go with it, the house itself should bear the dignity of a name, for the sake of awesomeness.

15) Learn to draw human hands to my satisfaction – hands are so darn hard.

16) Dance without feeling like a doofus – even under the scathing mockery of my judgmental sisters!

17) Be able to jog 3+ consecutive miles – I used to be able to manage two. Someday, I shall surpass that.

18) Laugh during my wedding – not to the point that it ruins the ceremony, or anything; I just want the day to have enough laughter to balance the inevitable stress.

How ‘bout the rest of you? What sorts of delights do you want to fill your life with? If that list includes participating in this blogfest and/or reading Jamie’s new book, then head over to her blog and take the appropriate steps. Don’t let life – or the book’s release date – pass you by. Carpe diem! No regrets!

8 thoughts on ““Bucket” or “What Are Your 18 Things?”

    • Thanks! Knowing life, I’m sure many of the items will happen far sooner or rather later than I expect. I’ll try to view that surprise element as part of the fun. (Hmm, the cultivation of a perpetually positive outlook… Think that’s worth adding to the list?)

  1. Well, I pet a bobcat . . . that’s almost as cool as a red fox, right? I love the naming your house one. I asked my 8yr old what we should call ours and she said “The A-list” since our last name is Ayres. I told her we should name it “Mom is the boss!” Hahaha–thanks for playing!

    • Ooh, yes, a bobcat’s a cool one to pet, alright. Now, if you’d said a tiger, *that* would tie with a fox for coolness, for sure!
      Less cool: A house name “Mom is the boss”. Not belittling the sentiment, but as a name? Lol, no.
      To play was my pleasure. Happy published authorship!

  2. Awesome list! Totally with you on learning to speak Italian and naming my adulthood home (<–I love how all the houses in England seem to have names. It is adorable.) And I actually have a friend who plays the ocarina. Not gonna lie, it's pretty awesome. And definitely portable. 😉

    • (Yes, England most definitely has the right idea! Canada, too — am I right, Anne of Green Gables?)
      Ocarina envy! I hope your friend’s aware that he/she’s living a piece of my dream!

  3. Congratulations to Jamie! Also, part of number 3 should be to come and visit me; I have a wicked accent 😉 Plus there’s lots of castles and stuff nearby (including the supposed birthplace of King Arthur. Not quite Robin Hood, but hey, it’s King Arthur).

    Good luck with your goals. I shall look forward to writing a review of your musical and animated film, whilst listening to your lute and ocarina classics album 🙂

    • Castles and Arthur and accents, oh my! Yes, I must by all means look you up when I at long last make it across the pond. If I’ve got my ocarina by then, I’ll bring it along for you to hear, live and unplugged!

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