“Damnosa Hereditas” or “A Bird? A Plane? No, It’s a *Word-Saver*!”

Whilst flitting about from blog to blog, eyes open for content to tickle my fancy, I happened upon a little weekly blog hop called Save-a-Word Saturday, hosted by the two-writer blog The Feather and the Rose. Me being something of a minor champion of language, you can imagine that my fancy was tickled nigh to the point of hiccups.

The blog hop’s rules, as quoted/paraphrased/abbreviated from the post linked to above, are these:

Save-a-Word Saturday

1) Create a post linking back to the hosts. (Check!)

2) Pick an old word you want to save from extinction to feature in the post. (If you find yourself in want of options, Feather ‘n’ Rose recommended a site that may have some word-lovers drooling. Luciferous Logolepsy. Even its name is old and delicious!)

3) Provide a definition of your word, and use it in a sentence or short paragraph vaguely related to the particular week’s chosen theme.

4) Sign up properly on the host post’s linky list so participants can easily find each other and share their logophilistic joy.

5) Be a hero by sharing these retro words with the world!

Does this or does this not scream “Ever On Word”? Yes, I thought so, too. I doubt very much that I’ll remember to take part in the fun every week, but I’m tickled so far past pink, its purple to join in today, especially since this week’s theme is… Fairy Tales. (If you weren’t aware that I love fairy tales, know it now.)

From the Luciferous Logolepsy database, I bring you the phrase “damnosa hereditas”, meaning “burdensome inheritance”.

In a sentence:

While Rosemary could not but view her quarter-mile-long hair as something of a damnosa hereditas, she took some comfort in remembrance that, share her mother’s tresses though she must, at least she had a less preposterous plant name than Rapunzel.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my civic duty done for the day. ^-^

6 thoughts on ““Damnosa Hereditas” or “A Bird? A Plane? No, It’s a *Word-Saver*!”

  1. Wow, look at you; you’re like a charity, word saving missionary! English has so many hidden gems I think that an idea like this is a great one. I found out the other day that when you click your fingers (a lot of people refer to ‘snapping’ your fingers as well, but that could be far to easily and painfully misunderstood by someone), that’s called a ‘fillip’. That’s my interesting word trivia of the day 🙂

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