“Profiled” or “Guest Posted”

Bwah-haha, my old foe... we blog again!
Bwah-haha, my old foe… we blog again!

Ha – “or” nothing. I’ve been both!

Blog buddy— ahem, I mean, blog arch nemesis Rewan Tremethick, aka The Hyperteller, has granted me a double boon in the form of an interview and guest piece in his latest blog post. (Thanks again, dude!) What kind of awesomeness awaits you? I’m very glad you asked:

In the “formal summary or analysis of data…representing distinctive features or characteristics” portion of the post, I look back on my best blogging experience, name my pick for Post I Am Most Proud Of, and pull off a summarization miracle by describing myself in a mere hundred words.

Following that is my “visiting performer, speaker, or contestant [or blogger!]” piece written especially for The Hyperteller, “Fantasy vs. Casserole Romance”, featuring the top reasons that I write fantasy (it involves unicorn-demons), complete with fun fictional examples made up on the fly.

It’s not to be missed, so don’t you do it! Go show your love for me and/or Rewan and/or your mother and enjoy the post!

6 thoughts on ““Profiled” or “Guest Posted”

  1. Well, here’s some crazy fun stuff to read. I’m glad we stumbled on each other. Hey, I love the wordle’d background too! And unicorn-demons, that sounds like a great description of my mood swings this last week. 🙂

    • Lol, oh dear — a unicorn-demon week sounds like a rough one to weather! Happily, words do make for a lovely port in a storm. So glad to hear you’ve enjoyed some of mine. (:

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