“HYSRT!” or “When Good Stories Go Bad…”

Grumpy Cat Characters

…It could be because you’ve got a stranglehold on your characters and aren’t letting them do their thing. (I don’t think that’s the problem I’ve got with the project giving me grief, lately, but who knows? I’ll give it some soul-o’-the-story-searching thought.)

In her blog post “Learn From My Fail: Character Edition”, the oft-mentioned-around-here Rachel Aaron shares her own experience with a power struggle between her and her characters that may hit close to home with other writers, out there. And if this particularly brand of writer’s blockage hasn’t affected you yet, then, Hey, You Should Read This to help ensure it never does! The writing process goes so much more smoothly when the author and her creations are working in harmony. (:

* * *

In semi-related news (since this post’s subtitle does mention good stories), as of a few days ago, I’ve started an account on Goodreads. No, I don’t really have any idea what I’m doing over there, any more than I did when I joined Facebook or started a blog, although I did spend a fun afternoon giving stars to books I’ve liked and/or loved over the years. If any of you readers have likewise jumped on the Goodreads train and want to add me as a friend, you’ll find me under my ingeniously deceptive alias, Danielle Shipley, perchance with a middle initial E.


2 thoughts on ““HYSRT!” or “When Good Stories Go Bad…”

    • Aye, R.A. writes some pretty good stuff, fiction and non-. (:

      I’ve still got plenty to learn about navigating the boat, myself. And in the meantime, there are silly internet pics to keep my spirits high. X)

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