“What?” or “Writer Questions #2”

*** Stay tuned after this blog post for an important announcement! ***

The all-important questions: Why, where, when, what, and who?

For writers, there’s no right or wrong – only, for each, what’s true.

* * *

What form do your stories take?

Do you write series-spanning novels? Short stories or flash fiction? Stage plays or screenplays? Songs or poetry? Graphic or comic art?

Do you stick predominantly with one form, or do you dabble in many? What is it that determines for you how your story should be told?

(Short novels are my favorite to write; some would consider them novellas or novelettes. A series is wonderful, if I can find enough plot to fill one; the more time spent with characters I’ve grown to love, the merrier! Short stories are great in between longer projects, and sometimes poems and songs just demand to be written. I try to let the individual story decide its own length and format. It’s not my job to rush it or to drag it out or to force a square story into a round hole, just to tell it the best that I can in as many or few words as it takes.)

* * *

What kinds of stories do you tell?

Do your words weave epic adventures? The comedies or tragedies of the everyday? Are your tales meant to thrill or horrify? Is it all leading up to true love’s kiss?

Do you write solidly in one genre? Did you perhaps start out that way, then slowly segue into another? Do you find that you tend to change genre from one story to the next? Do you like to genre blend, bend, or break? Do you even know what you’ve got on your hands until you’ve finished? – or did you think you knew what you had when you started, and by the end, you’ve got no idea?

(The closest thing my writing has to a constant is an element of fantasy. I’m pleased to make you laugh or cry; I may surprise myself by being scary; more often than not, I’ll try for a romance; and if a team of awesome people are on a deadline to save a world or two, so much the better. Other than that, I may be midway through a story before I realize what’s really going on, underneath whatever I was pretty sure I knew.)

* * *

What do you do when your story defies words?

Is it something you can sketch or put to a melody without lyrics? Can you dance the emotion out? What if it has to stay inside of you? How do you handle it?

Is it a matter of trying? – just keep writing it, first one wrong way, then another, until you finally find the way that’s right? Or is it simply a matter of time? – set this story aside and write something else, until the day you feel you’re ready to give this patient tale its turn in the sun?

(These are questions I’m having to live with right now, sitting on a story that I’m not sure how to tell. It’s frustrating; agitating; depressing. Writing has become second nature for me, so why is this simple story so hard? Though I’ve moved onto another project for now, I hope I find my answers soon; a story stuck in your heart is a burden.)

* * *

What about you, readers? What are your “what” answers? Share below!

*** And now, my important announcement is… that I have an important announcement that I can’t share, just yet! But know this: It is super exciting, and I will totally tell you all about it, after a few more pieces click into place. More to come soon… ***


3 thoughts on ““What?” or “Writer Questions #2”

  1. I write series-spanning stories that are also multiple POV–sometimes I hate myself for it, but that really is just the kind of thing I come up with. (Pulling it off is the hard part, of course…)

    As for “who,” I’m not published yet so I have no former readers, but I have a small collection of CP’s, and a larger collection of REALLY AWESOME BETA READERS whom I love, in case you couldn’t tell by the excessive caps lock. It’s really wonderful (and tremendously helpful) to have actual YA readers take a look at your stuff.

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