“When?” or “Writer Questions #3”

The all-important questions: Why, where, when, what, and who?

For writers, there’s no right or wrong – only, for each, what’s true.

* * *


When did you realize you wanted to write?

Can you remember that far back? Or is it a new or recent urge? Did the idea strike you all at once, or was it a gradually building desire? How much time passed between knowing you liked writing for fun and your dream to share your words with the world?

(I think I’d reached my mid-teens before I knew I wanted my books on others’ shelves. Before that, it was all for fun. It’s still for fun. And out of necessity. When did writing become my drug, I wonder?)

* * *

When do you write?

Do you begin your day writing, or settle down to start in the evening? Or do the words really get flowing somewhere half-past some laughably late (or, technically, early) hour? Do you write whenever you happen to feel like it, or do you have a solid schedule? How long do you tend to write per day? Do you join nations the world over in calling November your main writing month, or is another month or season better for you?

(My preferred writing times vary. Sometimes I like to start my writing day no later than early afternoon and, all else being equal, will probably keep at it until evening. I’m a kind of a night person, but I think my writing brain does best in the sun – which makes writing in winter more of a challenge – so unless I’m feeling behind, I won’t usually force myself to write too late. On the other hand, if the writing mood strikes just before midnight, I probably won’t say my muse nay. And much as I love my NaNoWriMo in November, I’d go crazy if I restricted myself to it; this girl needs to write all year round!)

* * *

When do you think you’ll run out of stories?

Do you ever worry that you will? How many books do you think you’ve got in you – more than you’ve written, or have you already surprised yourself by pulling out more than you thought you could? Will you want to write for as long as you live? Can your imagination keep up with you?

(I used to worry that someday I’d be fresh out of material. I don’t fear that anymore. There’s always more inspiration, out there. I’ll ever have more ideas than I’ll know what to do with! The question is, when will I stumble upon the next one that sweeps me away?)

* * *

When, oh, when will I finally get to tell you guys the super great exciting news that I am dying to spill???

(Sometime within this next week, I hope, I hope, I hope! Standby! It’s coming! It’s huge!)

* * *

What about you, readers? What are your “when” answers? Share below!

4 thoughts on ““When?” or “Writer Questions #3”

  1. When did you realize you wanted to write?
    I remember writing my first poem in fourth grade. My teacher loved it and posted it on the bulletin board outside of the classroom. Then did more writing in fifth grade, including my first story where I sent my kitten into outer space. But I really got into it in middle and high school. Writing my stories in and out of class got me through a lot of the sucky times that high school is so full of.

    When do you write?
    Unfortunately, not as much as I would like. Most of my writing time lately has been during Nanowrimos, and then I intend to keep going, but that gets swept aside with school deadlines and things like that. I write best in the evening, relaxing after a day of dealing with everything else of the day. I get to meet up with my fictional friends and have some adventure.

    When do you think you’ll run out of stories?
    I’m hoping I never do. For the vast majority of my life, there’s always been a character hanging around inside my head, insisting I pay attention as they slowly reveal bits of storyline or character. I am often afraid of not having those “friends” there, but I so far they’ve never let me down. Even if one story’s characters might fade for a bit, there’s a new character waiting his turn for attention.

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