“Sunny-Side Up” or “The Introspector Writes Again!”

To my pleasant surprise, Mere Joyce has bestowed upon me the Sunshine Award! I love an award that comes with questions to answer. (: I’m an introspector, that way. (Or I would be, if it were, y’know, a word.)

What inspired you to start blogging?

My writing bestie. She loves pressuring me to do stuff she thinks is good for me, like developing a web presence in the name of my authorial career. So thanks, Tirzah; I’m willing to concede this as one of your better ideas.

How did you come up with the name of your blog?

I actually didn’t. Edgwyn did. (You won’t meet him properly until Book Two of The Wilderhark Tales. I know, it’s a tragically long wait, but hey, the release of Book One’s scheduled for May 31st!) I wanted a catchy, word-related title, and after a few other ideas had been tossed around, he suggested the twice brilliant Ever On Word. 1, it’s like “ever onward”, which is a plucky, optimistic, “tallyho!” sort of thing to say. 2, it’s a fair description of my typical day, in which I am ever on Microsoft Word, typing away at stories and such. So thanks, Edgwyn; you generally make for a great Ideas Guy.

What is your favorite blog to read?

Aw, man, that’s a tough call. I follow quite a few. But if we’re talking about the pure joy of reading, I’ve got to go with katekatharina.com. I admire her style of telling everyday events – like they’re funny and touching and important, frequently all at once. I’m not much for memoirs, but if she wrote one, I’d probably read it.

Tell about your dream job.

If it weren’t the job I’ve got currently (i.e., having short stories and novellas and a novel published), it would be minstrelsy. I would traverse some idyllic countryside, strumming my lute, and filling the hearts of every village I pass with music. A great many songs are stories, after all, so in that regard, I’d still get to be a writer. It’d be like, “Author: The Musical!”

A sunshine-y place for my minstrel gallivanting.
A sunshine-y place for my minstrel gallivanting.

Is your glass half full or half empty?

When I’m pouring the beverage, I consider it half full. When I’m drinking the beverage, I consider it half empty. Feel free to imbue that with deep, philosophical meaning, but I was pretty much going at this like a literalist, so…

If you could go anywhere for a week’s vacation, where would you go?

If imaginary magical Renaissance Faires don’t count, then I choose England. London and Sherwood and quaint villages with peculiar names – oh, my!

What food can you positively not eat?

Food that I have reason to believe has had gross things happen to it, or has been prepared in such a way that it just doesn’t look edible to me. An egg “fried only on one side”, for example, has too much non-solidified yolk for me, even if you serve it with toast – especially burnt-black toast, which I also will not suffer myself to ingest. And if somebody sneezed on the whole thing, well, I’m just done. Check, please.

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

Make mine milk! Although if the dark chocolate’s got some nuts or tasty filling or something to pep it up, I may sample that, too.

How much time do you spend blogging?

The actual time I spend writing the posts is irregular. I’ll type them out as I feel inspired – which can take anywhere from half-an-hour to four times that – and line them up to await their scheduled day to hit the web. Posting doesn’t usually take too long, unless I have a lot of pictures to insert and/or typos to fix, or the internet’s giving me trouble.

Do you watch TV, and if so, what are your favorite shows?

Not a lot of TV these days, with one exception: “Once Upon a Time”. That show has got one faithful viewer in me. The Wilderhark Tales is no isolated incident, folks. I adore fairytales, and OUAT’s writers have done some really creative things with the old stories I know and love. I also like to catch an episode of “Monk”, when I can. …not that I’ve written any murder mysteries with obsessive-compulsive detectives, but it could yet happen.

And now, to spread a little of the sunshine around, a couple of new nominees:

The Feather and the Rose, largely in recognition of their Save-a-Word Saturdays, which always brighten my weekends;

and One Little Library because, c’mon, what sounds shinier to a word-lover than a library?

That’s all for now, folks. Have a fine, fair day!

6 thoughts on ““Sunny-Side Up” or “The Introspector Writes Again!”

    • (Quick clarification: Minstrelsy is the name of the job itself. Minstrel is the title of he or she who holds the position. 😉 )

      A fellow Monk fan! You’d have been pleased, had you attended the same swing dance I did, the other week; at once point, they started playing “It’s a Jungle Out There”!

  1. Had I any musical skill whatsoever, minstrel would be my dream job. I love to sing, but sadly people would pay more to hear me stop singing, lol. *warning glare to my opinionated Allan*

    Monk was a cool show. I love shows that let you get to know a quirky, but lovable character. Big Bang Theory’s got that same quirkiness. All four of the main male characters are undeniably quirky. Sheldon Cooper is one of tv greatest creations. I keep thinking I need a medieval version to see if we can drive the outlaws out of their minds, lol.

    • Heh-heh, I think strong musical opinions may be a loveable quirk universal among minstrels. …which is good news for any “singers” trying to make a living on silence. XD

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