“BBF” or “All’s Fair in Bookish Blog-Hopping”

Ever since joining the cast of the Bristol Renaissance Faire, I automatically associate the acronym “BBF” with the Bristol Buskin Frolic players who sing and dance around the maypole. But that’s not the BBF I’m blogging about today. Right now, we’re talking about the Blogger Book Fair!

July BBF button copyWhat’s that, you ask? Well, to cobble together a paraphrased explanation from the event’s head organizer, Kayla Curry:

The Blogger Book Fair started the summer of 2012 with 40 authors and 75 books. It has grown quickly as a biannual event, much like a blog hop, in which authors and book bloggers can get together and showcase authors and their books. Participating blogs will have giveaways, discounts, and other events you can’t find anywhere else – among them, the Blogger Book Fair Reader’s Choice Awards.

The fair runs from July 22nd through 26th. And guess what? “The Swan Prince (Book One of The Wilderhark Tales)” and I have signed up to participate! (Okay, I did all the signing up. The book just sat there looking pretty.) This means I’ll be hosting 4 other authors here at Ever On Word on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of the BBF week, and they’ll be hosting me. It also means I’ve been entered into the Reader’s Choice Awards competition. *hysterical giggles, wonky breathing, sweating, etc.* So, guys: Read my book? Liked it? Like me the least little bit? Then pretty please— nay, drop dead gorgeous please, vote for me when the polls open. If I win, I’ll get a snazzy button of victory for my blog AND will have “The Swan Prince” featured on the Blogger Book Fair site for a minimum of one year with a link to buy it on Amazon. THAT is a way-cool prize, and we wantsss it, Preciousss.

And speaking of things to be won, during the BBF week, I’ll be hosting another giveaway! Nothing as all-out massive as last month’s Seven Swans a-Winning extravaganza, but there will be another signed paperback copy of “The Swan Prince” up for grabs, along with a set of gorgeous Yana Naumova-drawn “Swan Prince” bookmarks, a-a-and a set of never-before-distributed bookmarks for the upcoming second Wilderhark Tale, “The Stone Kingdom”! Further details to come.

Bristol Buskin Frolic
Yup, here’s the BFF *I* know.

So, yup! Exciting stuff coming, three weeks from now. Hope to see you guys hopping merrily along with me! …which, come to think of it, sounds like a very Bristol Buskin Frolicsome thing to do. Throw on some jingly bells and flowery garlands, and I doubt anyone would know the difference. X)

IN OTHER NEWS: While I was out doing Bristol-related things this past weekend, my leading lady from “The Swan Prince” was sitting down for a character-to-character chat in the first ever Interview Saturday at the Flame Writer blog of Kendra Conine. Check it out to see what secrets (if any) Kendra’s character Ashley was able to coax out of Sula. 😉

2 thoughts on ““BBF” or “All’s Fair in Bookish Blog-Hopping”

    • Aw, shuckers, thank you, my dear. ^-^ I hadn’t heard of the non-Bristol BBF either, until just a few weeks ago when someone mentioned it on Twitter. Looked like too good an opportunity to pass up!

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