“200th” or “Feeling Like Flinging a Freebie at My Followers”

I don’t know if you’ve glanced at the number toward the top of my blog’s sidebar recently, but… Ever On Word has achieved 200 followers!

200th Follower pic

When you’ve hovered in the 100s for about a year, finally clearing 200 is an exciting deal. I mean, every new follower gets me excited (thank you, thank you all!), but breaking into the next major number bracket excites me extra. So, what’s an extra-excited writer with a blog to do in celebration of such an occurrence? Seems obvious to me: We need a giveaway!

The Prize = Precisely 200 words of flash fiction (like a double drabble!), created just for this special occasion, prettified into an autographed word-art print. As of this post’s drafting, I haven’t written one word out of the 200, but this much I know: The story shall be in some way related to my new fairytale novella, “The Swan Prince (Book One of The Wilderhark Tales)”.

How to Enter = Step One, be a follower of the Ever On Word blog. (If you’re not one of the couple hundred people who have already got that part in the bag, you’re invited to become eligible right now by signing up below the previously noted number on the sidebar.)

Step Two, leave a comment stating one fond memory you have of your time spent here at Ever On Word. What’s the first post you ever read? The one you enjoyed the most? Your favorite Deshipley quote? Any of those, all of those, whatever; I just want to hear about something that makes you glad you keep coming back for more, so I’ll have an idea what I’m doing right. X)

The Deadline = You’ve got up until I announce the winner one week from now (July 15th).

So, you all get commenting, I’ll get writing, and I’ll see you around for the long line of blog posts to come. Thank you so much for being here, guys! 😀

6 thoughts on ““200th” or “Feeling Like Flinging a Freebie at My Followers”

  1. I always enjoy seeing your characters; Sula telling us why we should buy her book, Save-A-Word Saturdays with the Robin Hood characters… It’s fun!

  2. We met during the Buccaneer Blogfest last year. 😀 Your blog has always been such a joy to look at. And the constant talking between Will and Ashley has always been so much fun, and she gives a cheer every time she sees him mentioned on here! Personally, I love the titles you choose for your blog posts. They’re so unique and eye-catching. And just your attitude and writing style in particular. There’s really no solid favorite moment of mine on here, because they’re all equally great! It’s about time Ever on Word got 200 followers. (: Congratulations!

    • Will points your way. “I don’t know about Danielle, but you, darling, are my favorite follower. Ever.”

      I try not to pick favorites. (And Will “Attention Addict” Scarlet’s favorites change depending on who mentioned his name last.) But this I will say: People like you help make this whole blogging thing worthwhile, and I’m happy I can call you not only “follower”, but friend”. (:

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