“BBF Post, Day 4” or “A Hollywood Lineup with Liss Thomas!”

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It’s the penultimate day of the Blogger Book Fair!

For my final blog swap, I’ve gotten together with author Liss Thomas! To check out my interview – shared with the main characters from my novella, “The Swan Prince (Book One of The Wilderhark Tales)”! – hop on over to Liss’s blog. But first (or second, whichever you’d rather; I’m easy), read on below to see the dream cast of Liss’s YA fantasy novel, FINDING MONSTERS.

* * * * *

Hollywood is buzzing with the blockbuster premier of Finding Monsters, starring young Elle Fanning as Missy and Ben Barnes as Charlie. If any of you have read the book you know we’re in for an action packed adventure on the big screen!

The A-List cast are lining up on the red carpet as we speak. Film Director, James Cameron has created an incredible cast to head line his next blockbuster hit.

Elle Fanning as Missy: Species – Human. Missy is a young teenage girl whose battle with cancer is running its course. Only a miracle can save her life.

Liss Thomas Post, Pic 1

Ben Barnes as Charlie: Species – Monster of the Bullclan. Charlie’s the monster under Missy’s bed. He’s called to her several times and this time she answers him. She might be ready to face her mortality, but he will not. Their lives forever connected, they find themselves in his world, a realm of monsters.

Liss Thomas Post, Pic 2

Vincent D’onofrio as Vrag the Devil: Species – Monster. Vrag teaches Missy a valuable lesson. You can’t win against the creatures of this world, unless one of them teaches you how to fight. Reluctantly, Vrag will become her instructor and eventually a friend.

Liss Thomas Post, Pic 3

Tyrese Gibson as Saal: Species – Jackal from the monster realm. A ruthless jackal sent to hunt Missy down. As she quest to become a monster, her strength and power increase. He must decide which side he’s on before time runs out.

Liss Thomas Post, Pic 4

Juaquin Phoenix as Anukhan, King of the Jackals: Species – Jackal from the monster realm. He is ruthless in his pursuit of the blue light of a select few monsters. As Missy gets closer to achieving the light, Anukhan gets closer to his devious plans. Both men and monsters will fear him.

Liss Thomas Post, Pic 5

Liss Thomas, Author of Finding Monsters 

Liss Thomas

Liss Thomas currently lives in sunny Florida when tornados and water spouts are not popping up in her backyard. She loves Young Adult Fiction and writes fantasy in that genre. She released her debut novel Finding Monsters in October of 2012 and is planning to release the sequel, Becoming Monsters in October 2013. She also plans to release a novella from the same universe entitled, Hidden Monsters sometime this year.

Get to know her characters and her style at www.lissthomas.com


However, if you can’t find the movie…. which is understandable since I made it up…. You can always read the book!

Liss Thomas, Finding Monsters

AMAZON:  http://amzn.to/122Uzz5

Learn more about Finding Monsters and Liss Thomas

Connect with the author below

FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/lissthomasauthor

TWITTER:  https://twitter.com/Girliegeek3152

WEBSITE:  http://lissthomas.com/

AMAZON:  http://amzn.to/122Uzz5


HIDDEN MONSTERS:  http://lissthomas.com/serial-novels/hidden-monsters/

BEYOND PACIFICA:  http://lissthomas.com/serial-novels/beyond-pacifica/

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Thanks, Liss! Leave a comment here and/or at my guest spot on Liss’s blog for entry into my Blogger Book Fair Raffle! One lucky-duck winner will receive a free paperback copy of my fairytale novellaThe Swan Prince (Book One of The Wilderhark Tales)”, a set of “Swan Prince” bookmarks, AND the bookmark set for the upcoming Book Two of The Wilderhark Tales, “The Stone Kingdom”! Today is the last day to enter! Winner announced: Tomorrow, July 26th!

AND, ALSO, ADDITIONALLY, PLUS: Sheri of the Shut Up & Read blog is hosting the Blogger Book Fair Reader’s Choice Awards, in which “The Swan Prince” is entered in the Fantasy/Young Adult category! To win in my category, I NEED YOUR VOTES! Winning would mean an invaluable promotional opportunity for my book, so please, I ask you – all and individually – on my knees, with whipped cream and cherries or whatever tasty thing makes you happy: Go here and cast your vote for “The Swan Prince. (You’ll find it under “Fantasy-Young Adult (3)”!)

Let me know you did so, and I’ll throw in another 5 raffle entries for you. And if your votes end up carrying me to victory (which I’ll find out sometime tomorrow) … I’m doubling my BBF raffle prize! Two names drawn, two paperbacks, two sets of “Swan Prince” and “Stone Kingdom” bookmarks! (And yes, the rules totally allow shameless campaigning for support, so I will not be above begging for the entirety of BBF week, nor will I cry foul if any of you wish to campaign on my behalf. On the contrary, I may go teary-eyed with appreciation.)

That’s all for today, kids. Come back here tomorrow for the final day of the Blogger Book Fair!

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    • I’m slightly envious Liss was able to come up with matches for everyone. So few of my characters seem to look like anybody I’ve physically seen!

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