“BBF Post, Day 5” or “Famous Last Words, Part 1”

July BBF button copy

Dear Readers of the Near Future,

It is I, Danielle of the Recent Past. …I mean, as far as I’m concerned, it’s the present, but by the time I post this, it will be my tomorrow and your today – Friday, July 26th, fifth and final day of the Blogger Book Fair.

Since I had the good sense not to over commit myself (for a change), I’m all out of BBF-assigned swaps to share. However, thanks to idle hands being the workaholic’s playground, I couldn’t help spending a portion of the time I saved maneuvering myself onto the blog of author/editorial intern/submissions intern Rachel Russell to talk about myself (which I do when I must) and “The Swan Prince” (which I do when anyone appears even half-interested in hearing about). So I encourage you to check that out at your earliest convenience, and show Rachel just how appreciative you are of her hosting me. (:

Speaking of “The Swan Prince”, Near-Future Readers (since I predict you will appear half-interested), I’m currently awaiting tomorrow/today’s announcement of the winners of this summer’s Blogger Book Fair Reader’s Choice Awards. When last I looked, I had an incredible lead. Seriously, almost “too extraordinary and improbable to be believed”. I lay in bed Monday night in distress, sure that I could never coax enough people to get me to the front of the pack, never mind crack 100 votes. Yet here we are – today for me, yesterday for you – and I actually believe that I may win this thing. It’s not over ‘til it’s over, of course. …but it’s pretty close to over! ^^

Once I’ve gotten official wind of the outcome, we’ll know whether I have one raffle winner to fill with the joy that only a “Swan Prince” paperback and two sets of Wilderhark Tales bookmarks can bring, or twice that many. Which will it be?? We’ll all just have to wait for Part Two – coming to a future nearer you than me.

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