“Diverting” or “Wilderhark Party Over There!”

Nothing to see here, folks! All the excitement’s over at The Flight Reflex, blog of my cherished friend/fellow One More Day” anthology author Kimberly Kay. And when I say “all the excitement”, I more specifically mean an author interview in anticipation of September 20th’s release of “The Stone Kingdom (Book Two of The Wilderhark Tales)”!

So, if I may redirect your attention Kay-ward, please join us over yonder as we discuss the origins of Wilderhark’s troublesome anarchwitches, contrast the heroines of Books One and Two, Sula and Rosalba, and – one of my favorite wicked pastimes – make Edgwyn Wyle blush. Prepare to enjoy yourself; a chat with Kimberly is always a “providing amusement or entertainment” affair. (:

It's Always a Good Time

4 thoughts on ““Diverting” or “Wilderhark Party Over There!”

  1. Dunno about you, but i sure had fun! Can’t wait till we do the whole thing again NEXT WEEK! Sorta XD Guess I’ll have to share you and your characters with Clarissa next go around.

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