“Tchotchkes” or “A Gallery of Inspired Images”

What in the world is that word?, I wondered upon reading it the first time. And how in the heck am I meant to pronounce it?

Answering the questions in reverse order, it is pronounced “CHOCH-kuhs” (alternately, “TSOTS-kuhs”), and is a Yiddish word for “knickknacks or trinkets”. Or, from the perspective of a J. Taylor Publishing author like me, it connotatively means “nifty variations on the cover image of my book, whoo-hoo!”. (Yes, you’ve got to include the “whoo-hoo!” in the definition. Thus sayeth the official Deshipley Arbitrary Dictionary, or DAD for short, and father knows best.)

So, you wanna see the lovely collection of digital tchotchkes released today in anticipation of my debut novel “Inspired, all handily assembled in one blog post? Then keep on scrolling, my friend.

First, the banner.


…Also known as the “author in the headlights” shot. XD

Second, the blog tour button.


March 17 – April 17 will be a crazy-busy month! But I’m sure I’ll make it through with much help from my friends (both real and fictional).

Next up, here’s what the bookmarks will look like, back and front.





Luc is pleased that we’re finally getting a clear shot of him. (The vanity of muses, I tell ya.)

Now for some super-sized treats. Imagine, if you will, “Inspired” in full, paperback glory!


Why, yes, it would look something like this. Whereas, on your iPad, it would look more like this.


But suppose you wanted a little something for your desktop. What would that look like?


You got it. Meanwhile, if you wanted an image suitable for, say, a Facebook cover pic, I would recommend this.


And if you wanted a big ol’ poster to look all fancy and official and promotional, this is the one for you!


There you have ‘em, folks! Keep your eyes wide (if not necessarily Annabelle levels of wide-eyed) for these snazzy visuals anywhere “Inspired” is yammered about with enthusiasm.

Which of these images is/are you favorite? ^^


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