“Two” or “‘Stone Kingdom’ Giveaway Tease”

Only ONE DAY left ‘til the release of my second fairytale novella, “The Stone Kingdom (Book Two of The Wilderhark Tales)”! And what’s a super-exciting launch day without a mega-fantastic giveaway?!

As many of you may recall, I celebrated the launch of “The Stone Kingdom”s predecessor, “The Swan Prince”, with a weeklong extravaganza known as the Seven Swans a-Winning Giveaway. It was hecka fun, and it almost killed me. Keeping up that level of enthusiasm every day for a full week straight proved to be a bit more than I could healthfully handle. So, in the spirit of living and learning (emphasis on living), we’re going to try things just a smidge differently, this time around. But fear not! All the best parts of the giveaway will remain the same. (:

There will still be seven days to enter – Friday, September 20th (launch day!) though Thursday, September 26th. On the in-between Monday and Wednesday and the following Friday, I will announce the latest winners of the fantabulous prizes.

How to Enter

Everyone will be given oodles of chances to win those aforementioned, exclusive, custom-made (by moi!), totally-boss-sauce prizes by engaging in any or all of the following activities:

[Action] = [Chances to Win]

Every mention/link to the giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or blog = 1

An addition of “The Stone Kingdom” to your Goodreads “To Read” shelf * = 1

Schedule a day with me to host me on your blog for an author interview, character interview, or guest post ** = 3

Every purchase of an e-book copy of “The Stone Kingdom” = 3

Every purchase of a paperback copy of “The Stone Kingdom” = 7

* This is something you can do right now! Just let me know in the comments below that you’ve done it, and that’s one instance of your name in the prize pool already!

** You can get an early start with this one, too! Send me a message through my contact page, and we’ll settle on a date (which, by the way, does not have to be during the giveaway week, if that timeframe isn’t convenient for you; any time’s good). Provide the interview questions and/or topic you’d like me (or Rosalba or Edgwyn!) to guest blog about, I’ll type like a maniac, and wha-bam – you’re part of the “Wilderhark Tales” phenomenon. (: (And if an advance review and/or interview has already appeared on your blog, don’t worry, you’re covered. Automatic name in hat for you. ^-^)

Your chances to win will accumulate over the seven days of the giveaway (didn’t win the first prize? You’ve still got your rollover entries for the prizes to come, and you can continue earning more), so the sooner you jump on board, the better your odds of winning!

Winning what?” I’m very glad you asked.

The Prizes

#1 = Our first winner will receive an autographed print of word art, the words being the lyrics to “Both True”, an original song (composed by me) inspired by “The Stone Kingdom”.

#2 = The second winner will get an autographed print of dual portraits (drawn by me) of the book’s main characters, Princess Rosalba and Edgwyn Wyle.

#3 = Winner number three gets an autographed print of a picture (drawn by me) depicting one of my favorite moments in “The Stone Kingdom”. That’s all that I’ll tell you; just know that it’s awesome.

#4 = Another autographed print of another “Stone Kingdom” moment, also drawn by me, and also a surprise. (Oh, the mystery!)

They’re calling to you. “Win me… Wi-i-in me-e-e…”
They’re calling to you. “Win me… Wi-i-in me-e-e…”

#5 = These were a hit last launch, so I’m bringing them back. Our fifth prize will be seven selected chapters of the “The Stone Kingdom” … with author commentary! One lucky winner will get an exclusive look at what went into the making of the story, including inspiration for names, reflection on early plot/character concepts, references to movies you may or may not have seen, and more!

#6 = The most coveted prize of them all: Seven selected chapters of the “The Stone Kingdom”… with CHARACTER commentary! Pretty much any verbal exchange between Edgwyn and Rosalba is entertainment worth the price of admission, so yeah, I’m really looking forward to getting this hot little number into somebody’s hands.

And then, of course, there’s #7 = The Epic Win of the giveaway. For the raffle’s grand finale, I’ll draw three names from the hat (or the shoebox, if we’re going for absolute accuracy), and each of these three winners will have their pick of any one previous prize.

Actually, you know what? This is the giveaway for Book Two, y’all. Let’s crank this party up a notch: Each of these three winners will have their pick of any TWO previous prizes. Yes. I’m serious. Any two prizes they most desire. AND, one of those three will also be selected to receive the Grand Prize Bonus – an autographed paperback of “The Stone Kingdom.

If this is madness, I don’t want to be sane.

So, I’ll see you all back here tomorrow for the big release of “The Stone Kingdom”, yeah? Good deal. Tell your friends! (Or forever receive dirty looks from them, the pain in their eyes saying, “Why didn’t you let me in on this awesome book and giveaway? What the heck, man? I thought we were friends! It’s like I don’t even know you! #Betrayed!”)

Good Friends...Books This Good

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    • (We’ll pretend the metal hands incident never happened. *wink-wink, nudge-nudge, works editing magic*) You cleaned up back in May/June’s launch giveaway, Grimm — let’s see if you can do it again!

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