“Pronunciation” or “pro-NUN-see-A-shuhn”

Once upon a time, a dashing young authoress (chicks can be dashing, right? I mean, this particular author may not necessarily fit that description, but it may prove a most fitting adjective for some other ladies out there) was thinking about shutting down her laptop and going to bed – but only thinking about it, mind. Surely there was time to read one quick blog post before any actual action needed to be taken. (“Dashing, 1: marked by vigorous action.” Okay, fine, this author isn’t dashing.)

In that post, entitled “I’ve Been Pronouncing It Wrong This Whole Time!”, Butterflies and Dragons blogger Leigh Townsend related how she’d gone through several books in a fantasy series before she checked the glossary and realized she’d been mentally mispronouncing one of the names all along.

Reading that got the author musing, “Well, hey, I’m self-publishing a series of fantastic novellas with names as recognizably common as I am dashing – which is to say, not very. Suppose some of my readers are unsure of how to say the names correctly?”

So that very night, rather than slip into the inaction of bedtime, the author racked up dashing points by compiling a pronunciation guide to display on her blog.

And that author… *solemn nods* …was me.

So, all that to say, ta-da! There is now a People and Places Pronunciation Guide included at the end of my Wilderhark Tales page!

Rebus illustrations not included.
Rebus illustrations not included.

As of yet, I’ve only cataloged the recurring names of characters, towns, and kingdoms that have featured in Books One and Two of the series, “The Swan Prince” and the newly-released “The Stone Kingdom” (on sale now! Buy! Review! Pretty please and thank you muchly!). I’ll build the list as the subsequent books come out, introducing new cast members and locations.

I hope somebody finds the guide helpful! And if not, whatever, I had fun putting it together. X)

Don’t be shy about telling me if you’ve been pronouncing any of the names differently, up ‘til now. …Or if you intend to keep pronouncing them any way you want, never mind the author’s official answer given too late to reset your perception. (I’m a reader, too. I know how it goes.)

4 thoughts on ““Pronunciation” or “pro-NUN-see-A-shuhn”

  1. A pronunciation guide is so helpful! I found out years into reading Harry Potter that I’d been pronouncing Hermione’s name wrong the entire time (and then the movies came out and cleared everything up, but most books don’t have that luxury…).

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